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Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

No description

Stephanie Niederjohn

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

Hatchet By Gary Paulsen What Happened? In The Beginning... the action continues... the story goes on... Where Are They? Who Is Who? More Words to Know... What Words Do You Know? Meet Gary Paulsen Trouble in the Cockpit Gary Paulsen was born on May 17, 1939. He is one of America's most famous writers for young people. When Gary Paulsen was young, he was inspired by a librarian who gave him a book and a library card that led to a love of reading. Gary ran away from home when he was 14 years old, with a thirst for adventue. Gary realized that he wanted to be a writer when he was working as a satelite technician for an aerospace firm in California. One night he just walked off and never returned. The next year he was a magazine proofreader in Hollywood, working on his writing every night. Then he decided to leave California and drove to Minnesota where he rented a cabin and finished his first book. Gary Paulsen is a great writer, with several award-winning books. He is currently living in New Mexico with his wife and spends a lot of time on his boat in the Pacific. Brian- Main character, age 13. He is brave and adventerous. Upset about his parents' divorce.

Mom- Gave Brian hatchet, only seen in dreams in story. Brian knows her secret that caused the divorce.

Dad- Who Brian was going to live with for the summer, only seen in dreamsin story. Doesn't know Mom's secret.

Terry- Brian's best friend, only remembered in Brian's past memories while in the wilderness.

Jim or Jake- Pilot of crashed plane, in his mid-40s. Brian didn't catch his name, but remembers him whenever he sees the plane. There is no official date given, but the story takes place in the mid-1900s over the summer. Most of the action takes place in a small Cessna airplane, and around its crash site in the Canadian wilderness. The wilderness has a lot of trees, many animals, and few lakes. It is a very hard place to survive, but Brian showed that it was clearly possible. This story is about how a 13-year-old boy named Brian, survives fifty-four days in the Canadian wilderness. He goes through a lot of struggles on his long adventure!
It is the beginning of summer, and Brian is going to visit his dad, because he has been living with his mom since his parents were just divorced. His mom gives him a hatchet before he leaves. Brian isn't very excited about the gift at the time, but it turns out to be useful later.
Brian is flying alone in a small plane with the pilot, Jim or Jake, he can't recall his name. He is sitting in the co-pilot's seat and staring out the window, thinking about his parents' divorce. All of a sudden, the pilot's right leg jerks and the plane tilts to the side.
Brian panicks - he doesn't know what to do! The pilot falls on the ground, and Brian realizes he is having a heart attack! He looks around, still in shock, and takes the headset off of the pilot's head. He tries talking into the headset, but no one answers. He now knows that he has to land the plane himself. Brian has no choice, but to land the plane in a lake, which is surrounded by a forest. While he's swimming to shore, Brian vomits. He becomes very thirsty, and takes a drink from the lake, and immediately vomits again. He eventually gets used to the water, and uses it to drink during his time in the woods.
He knows he needs to build a shelter, so Brian sets out to find some boughs and twigs. He puts them together with sand under a bluff. When he hears a slithering sound at night, he reaches for his hatchet on his belt, and throws it against a rocky wall to scare off the animal.
Brian wants to build a bonfire to keep the animals away. After several attemtps, he creates a fire by slamming his hatchet against the stone wall and causing sparks to fall down onto some birch he had laid on the ground. He goes out searching for food and finds some raspberries. But, he realizes he will need to hunt. Brian makes a bow and some arrows and a spear for catching fish and hunting birds. Brian sees some huge, massive winds starting up. He knows it can only be one thing - a tornado! Everything that Brian had made gets destroyed, but he is safe. He starts to rebuild. While he is rebuilding, he notices that the tail of the plane is sticking out of the lake. He thinks he can make it out to get the survival pack from the plane.
Using some logs, Brian builds a raft and sets out with his hatchet to get the pack. When he gets there, he realizes that the metal is just aluminum and he can cut right through it with his hatchet. While cutting the metal, he drops his hatchet in the water. On his second try, he dives down and grabs the hatchet, and swims back up to the raft.
He climbs inside the plane and searches for the survival pack. He finds it hidden under a seat. Inside includes a sleeping bag, food, cooking supplies, weapons, fishing gear, matches. At the bottom is a transmitter system that he turns on, but appears not to work. "Brian knew.
The pilot was having a heart attack and even as the knowledge came to Brian he saw the pilot slam into the seat one more time, one more awful time he slammed back into the seat and his right leg jerked, pulling the plane to the side in a sudden twist and his head fell forward and spit came. Spit came from the corners of his mouth and his legs contracted up, up into the seat, and his eyes rolled back in his head until there was only white."
Pg. 11 This was a major turning point in the book because Brian was now left alone in the plane, and
did not know what to do. This is when the story really got
interesting! The story of Brian Robeson's 54-day survival in the Canadian wilderness. INCESSANT- "The flames cut the cool damp morning, crackled and did much to bring his spirits up, not to mention chasing away the incessant mosquitos." (p. 161)
Definition: Continuing or following without interruption.
Ex: I was chasing away those incessant bugs that were in the yard.

ALTIMETER- "Slightly to the left and below the altimeter he saw a small rectangular panel with a lighted dial and two knobs." (p.16)
Definition: An instrument for measuring altitude.
Ex: According to the altimeter, we were flying at a safe height.

CONSUMING- "...and the engine was so loud, so roaring and consuming and loud, that it ruined any chance for conversation." (pg. 1)
Definition: Deeply felt.
Ex: The baby's crying was consuming and annoying to his ears.

TURBULENCE- "The pilot did not move except that his head rolled on a neck impossibly loose as the plane hit a small bit of turbulence." (p. 13)
Definition: Irregular atmospheric motion, especially when characterized by up and down currents.
Ex: You could easily feel turbulence inside the plane as it flew through the clouds.

BLUFF- "He moved to the top of the rock ridge that comprised the bluff over his shelter and was pleased to find a large, flat stone area." (p. 106)
Definition: A high steep bank.
Ex: I stood on the bluff and I could see the whole city. TATTERED- "...when he had used thread from his tattered old piece of windbreaker..." (p. 147)
Definition: To make ragged.
Ex: His blanket had become tattered from all the use over the years.

BOUGHS- "He had no trouble finding enough pine boughs to make a new bed." (p. 162)
Definition: A main branch of a tree.
Ex: Kids were climbing on the boughs that had fallen off the tree.

RUEFULLY- "Which, he found ruefully, was much easier said than done." (p. 166)
Definition: Exciting pity or sympathy.
Ex: He ruefully looked at the amazing championship trophy that could have been his.

ABRUPT- "It was abrupt, as if the plane had turned." (p. 116)
Definition: Occurring without warning.
Ex: The heavy rains stopped abruptly, ane no one could believe it was over.

TENDRILS- "Where the bark was peeling from the trunks it lifted in tiny tendrils, almost fluffs."
(p. 88)
Definition: Something (as a ringlet of hair) that curls like a coiled piece of plant.
Ex: Her tightly curled hair fell like tendrils on her shoulders. The Conclusion Just as Brian is preparing a feast with his new supplies, a man arrives in a plane. He tells Brian that he could hear him rustling around over the transmitter, even though Brian couldn't hear anything on his end. Brian is astonished. At last, after fifty-four difficult days, he is rescued! THE END
What are you waiting for...go read the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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