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Susie McClure Library

No description

Nicole White

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Susie McClure Library

Mission Statement The mission of the library is to facilitate the leadership, service, and social justice education of the American Baptist College community by providing access to quality resources. Vision Statement Challenges Design Accreditation
1. The institution provides facilities and learning/information
resources that are appropriate to support its teaching, research,
and service mission. (Learning/information resources)

2. The institution ensures that users have access to regular and timely
instruction in the use of the library and other learning/information
resources. (Instruction of library use)

3. The institution provides a sufficient number of qualified staff—
with appropriate education or experiences in library and/or other
learning/information resources—to accomplish the mission of the
institution. (Qualified staff) Collection Access Instruction Citing Sources
Understanding Copyright
Google Drive Susie McClure Library Through the use of technology and instruction, we create a collaborative and interactive learning center that inspires the community in all areas of their lives and presents American Baptist College as a leader in academic research on black church and social justice. -Source: The Principles of Accreditation: Foundations for Quality Enhancements.2012. Southern Accreditation for College and Schools Library and Other Learning Resources Currently, there isn't a library system in place. We are unable to monitor usage of present collection.
Security gate system including downstairs area
Online access to materials are limited. Students need easy access to available databases. Proper understanding of collection
Update collection by removing or archiving books and other materials
Insufficient materials to support the various academic departments Turning It Around Learning Commons First Steps 1. Obtain library management / security system
2. Redesign library website to give students direct access to databases
3.Increase the use of electronic resources by partnering with other institutions. Access Instruction 1. Signage with instructions on Google Drive
2. Use online tools such as webinars, wikis, YouTube
3. Collaborate with professors on research projects Design 1. Reinforce infrastructure, i.e. wi-fi, electrical outlets and lighting
2. Multipurpose furniture that allows for movement In the Near Future 1. Invest in laptops and iPads that student can check out and use throughout library; Smartboards for professors
2. Increase collection material relating to the black church, social justice
3. Develop a library app and explore how colleges are using mobile technology Space . Adequate areas for group study
Furniture and functionality Technology has required that all libraries think differently about their space. A shift toward information literacy
A learning commons places an emphasis on instruction and collaboration.
The learning commons model supports the accreditation instruction requirement.
Technology plays an important role in the learning commons model. http://susiemclibrary.weebly.com/ Resources 1.Britto, M. (2011). Planning and implementation considerations for the information commons in academic libraries. Library Student Journal. http://librarystudentjournal.org/index.php/lsj/article/view/255/317

2.Fisk University. (2013). http://library.fisk.edu/screens/electronicdb.html

3.Herman Miller Blog. (2013). Library redefined.

4.Sustainable Library.(2011). http://www.sustainablelibrary.org/?page_id=2

5. North Carolina State University. (2013). http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/learningcommons

6. University of Massachusetts Amherst. (2013). http://www.library.umass.edu/learningcommons
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