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Rebecca Turner

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Australia

Climate - temperate in the south and east, more tropical in the north.
Ethnics - 92% Caucasian, 7% Asian, 1% Aboriginal/other
Language - #1. English, but they use slang in there talk (ex. Av-a-go-yer-mug, It really easy to do. - meaning - someone is not trying hard enough and you want them to.)
Religion - 26.1% Anglican, 26% Roman Catholic, 24.3% Christian, 12.6% other
Capital - Canberra
- Worlds smallest continent
- Also known as one of the Oceania's
Oceania-The island off of the central and south Pacific, about 3,450,000 square miles.
Population - 22.68 million (count of 2012)

Culture (cont.)
Modesty: Down to earth, do not think higher of themselves
-Value - Authenticity and Sincerity
-Prefer - People who are modest, humble, but have a sense of humor. They do not draw any extra attention to their academics, achievements, and distrust those who do. Sometimes they even downplay their success.
Culture (cont.)
Customs and Etiquette
-Not formal
-Casual greetings, use first names
-Small gifts are common for birthdays and other celebrations
-Chocolates and flowers are appropriate when you are a guest
-Gifts are opened immediately after received
-Have a lot of B-B-Q's/hangouts
-Punctuate time is appropriate
-Manners are necessary at the table
Tropical Areas: (ex. Brisbane)
-Tie (if needed for job)
Busy Cities: (ex. Melbourne, Sydney)
-Business Suit
-Business Dress
Beaches: (ex. Whitehaven Beach)
The first Europeans:
1606-Dutch explorer Janszoon was the first person recorded to have seen Australia
1688-British explorer Dampier was the first person recorded to have step foot on Australia

History (cont.)
1851: Australian Gold Rush
-Many immigrants came over to Australia
-It effected Australia's economy and development

April 25: Anzac Day
-commemorates the landing troops in Turkey during WWI
1956 - Summer Olympics
Australia's soccer (football) team in the 1956 Olympics

Federal Government:
-Legislature: (aka Parliment) made up of elected representatives
-Executive: Administration branch
-Judiciary: Legal branch

Major Event (cont.)
-King George III declared Australia Britain's new colony
-He sent Captain Arthur Phillips to visit it
-8 months later (January 26, 1788) he arrived with many people and animals
-When Phillips landed he raised the British flag and named the place Sydney Cove

January 26
-Celebration of the first flag being raised

'This is considered Australia's "Independance Day"
Famous People
David Ronald
-Born on March 20, 1925
-Died July 19, 2010 (85 yrs old)
-Went to the University of Sydney
-He was a teacher, principle, and scientific adviser
-Invented and Developed the Flight (Data) Recorder
-A device in an aircraft that records
technical details during flight
-Used in the event of an accident
to discover its case.

Famous People (cont.)
Liam Hemsworth
-Born January 13, 1990 in Melbourne Australia
-Always wanted to be an actor, but first was a
construction worker (ex. Laid wooden floors)
-His brothers Luke and Chris are also famous actors (ex. Thor<)
-Became famous from the filming of "The Last Song",
"The Hungar Games", and "Catching Fire"
-Was engaged to Miley Cyrus, but broke it off in 2013
-Currently 24 yrs old and filming Part 1 and 2 of
Mocking Jay
Famous People (cont.)
Julian Wilson
-Born November 8, 1988 in Coolum Beach Australia
-Professional Surfer (well known)
-Competes on the Surfing Professionals Men's World Tour
-After his mom survived Breast cancer he became the ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation Australia
Lights on the Beaches
Initially-Aboriginals and British and Irish decedents
Migration-Heavy migration from Europe after WWII
Multi-Cultural/Multi-Faith Society
-They eat a lot of meats and vegetables
Risotto Chicken and Mushrooms
Barbecued Pork Chops with
a lemon garlic sauce
William Dampier
Major Events
World War One (WWI)
Started July 28, 1914
-Around 400,000 out of Australia's 3 million men volunteered for the war
-Around 60,000 men died in the war and hundreds were wounded
-Women had to find jobs and learn how to do work men always did.
-People were paid less
-Their was less food
Australia was not a direct target
of WWI but was greatly effected by it, losing so many people
World War One continued
-Started July 28, 1914
-Started by the Europeans conflicts
and hostility between the great
European powers (Germany, Austria,
Hungary, Russia, France, Britain)
-Ended November 11, 1918
-Germany, Austria, and Hungary
surrendered to France the UK, Italy,
the US and a couple other nations.
-Very direct/Straight forward
-Often have humor in their talk
-Use 'colorful' language (vividly distinct)
Business Meetings:
-Appointments are easily scheduled
-You need to be punctual
-Relaxed but serious
-Use facts not opinions
-Get to the point
Business Meeting
Major Events (cont.)

Australian Shearers Strike
-Shearer workers worked in very low conditions but were a
VERY BIG part in Australian industry at this time
-When asked to sign a contract that would reduce their pay and power as a union they were outraged
-January 5, 1891 Shearers all over announced they were on strike
Australian Shearer's Strike (cont

-They demanded to have their demands meet (such as protection and a better pay
-The strike quickly spread all throughout Queensland.
-Queensland was on the brink of a Civil War
-May 1891 After much violence on both sides the strike was broken
-Almost all of the shearers were hungry and food-less

Australian Shearer's Strike (cont.)
-Many of the Strike leaders were charged o conspiracy
-Although Shearers mainly stayed in the same position, it raised much awareness for the bad conditions they had to work in.
Current Leaders
Prime Minister:
Tony Abbott
John Hogg
Born: November 4, 1957

Born: March 19, 1949
Willem Janszoon
Culture (cont.)
1. What is Australia's capital?

2. Who is their Prime Minister?

3. About how many of Australia's men died in WWI?

4. What is one of the movies Liam Hemsworth got famous from?

5. What day did Australian Shearer's announce they were on strike?
Please start at 4:00
and end at 4:30
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