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John Hopkins

on 13 February 2016

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Transcript of FAPE

FAPE by John Hopkins
Equal Protection Doctrine
This was originally part of the 14th Amendment in 1868. This was created it law that made it do people would be provided an equal protection under the law. They would not be discriminated against. This law was put into place originally for African-Americans and so they would get a fair shot at things. In the educational world this looks at special needs children. They must be provided the same opportunities as other children. The goal is to mainstream them into classrooms and to get them on track with their peers.
How does FAPE influence my class?
FAPE has greatly influenced my PE classes. I see this because now I have autism classes that get mainstreamed into my class. They are provided ever opportunity to succeed and do what all the other children are doing. I do modify the work so they can have an appropriate education. I do see the need to modify things from time to time but for the most part they can handle the same work as the other children.
What is FAPE
FAPE is an acronym that stands for Free Approporiate Public Education. The Free part requires that all students with disabilities must be educated for free. Appropriate entails that the child must get an education that is personally tailored to each students needs with an IEP. Public means that the child will be taught in a public school but also there are some stipulations where they can be taught in a private school. Education talks about how each child must be given an education that prepares them for their future .
My Take
I feel like FAPE is a huge part of our educational system. We need to be very sure that we get children all the services they need no matter the costs. Children are the future of this country and for far too long special needs children were marginalized and often forgotten about. These kids can do a lot in the world but only if they have the opportunity. They need to be given more of a chance to try things and then they will succeed. I know I will do anything to help these kids and feel like we need more of a team and can do attitude from all teachers. Many seem to be in it for themselves and do not do things for the common good. I feel like if we put down these selfish needs we can really help all children and ensure a better future.
How Does FAPE affect a SPED Director?
FAPE greatly affects how a SPED Director must operate. They must actively seek out children that may have special needs. They must be looking to see if a child qualifies for services and then make sure these services are met. They must stay on all their employees from the top down. This would require strict supervision. All of this is critical because the children must be provided an appropriate education that is free and differentiated to that child. I think a lot about how hard this must be for a director in a rural school district. There may only be one student who has a certain condition and according tot he law it is their duty to provide for that child.
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