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Brook Peltier

No description

Amy Edwards

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Brook Peltier

By: Brook Peltier Esperanza Rising
By: Pam Muñoz Ryan Major Characters Minor Characters Plot Of The Story Minor Characters Conflict Of the Story Esperanza Ortega - Thirteen-year-old Esperanza is the main character and protagonist of this story.

Miguel - Miguel is the son of Alfonso and Hortensia, who work for Esperanza's family. Esperanza and Miguel grow up together at the ranch. Ramona Ortega-Ramona is Esperanzas mother. She is devastated by the loss of her husband and her home.

Sixto Ortega - Sixto is Esperanzas father

Abuelita - Abuelita is Esperanzas grandmother and Ramonas mother.

Marisol Rodriguez - Marisol is Esperanzas best friend in Mexico.

Alfonso - Alfonso is Miguels father. He worked on Papas ranch.
Hortensia - Hortensia is Miguels mother. She worked in the house on the ranch.

Juan and Josafina - Juan and Josafina are relatives of Hortensia and Alfonso in California.

Isabel - Isabel the eight-year-old daughter of Juan and Josafina. At first she annoys Esperanza.

Pepe and Lupe - Pepe and Lupe are Isabels twin baby brother and sister. On El Rancho de las Rosas which means
The Ranch of Roses in Aguascalientes, Mexico, Esperanza is surrounded by people who adore her.
And as the daughter of the ranch owner, she has it pretty good. She has beautiful silk dresses,
plenty of servants, and a party thrown in her honor every year. Consider the lavish setting set When Papa is murdered by bandits, Esperanza and her Mama have to flee the clutches of his evil stepbrothers. They decide to start a new life as farm laborers in the United States, working alongside their former servants. Something tells us Esperanza is in for a reality check! Climax of the Story When Mama gets sick with Valley Fever, things just get that much more… well, complicated. Esperanza is pretty much on her own at this point.

The turning point of the story occurs when Esperanza really takes charge. She's a totally new person, completely in control. She takes care of her mom, starts to work on the farm, and is kind and generous to all the people surrounding her. After their big fight, Miguel disappears with all of Esperanza's savings.

So when Miguel shows up at the bus station with Abuelita, we know we're in the right place—everything suddenly makes sense. Plus, with Abuelita back in town, we're pretty sure things are looking up. Aguascalientes, Mexico,
Aguascalientes is a -tiny state in
central Mexico that some people say is shaped like a kiss. This is where Papa has his estate, El Rancho de las Rosas
Papa teaches Esperanza to love the land as much as he does Setting of the Story The San Joaquin Valley, California, The San Joaquin Valley is so huge and sweeping, it makes the valley where she lived in Aguascalientes look like a pothole To make things worse, Esperanza soon finds out that the climate in the San Joaquin Valley is just as extreme! It has hot summers and cold, foggy winters that chill Esperanza to the bone when she works outside. Dust storms occur from time to time, even making Mama very sick. This is one harsh climate Setting of the Story Setting of the story This story shows that, despite set backs, people can overcome anything. The Theme of the Story This theme is expressed in Esperanza’s “rising,” or overcoming her tragic circumstances. This theme is also embodied in Miguel’s belief that anyone can succeed in America. The Theme of the Story Mexico Flag USA Flag Throughout much of this story Esperanza wonders how poor people can be happy with such simple things. She cannot understand the people on the train who are content as long as they have their families and their faith. When she meets Isabel, Esperanza is startled to see how poor girls live compared with her own wealthy past. However, Esperanza comes to appreciate and treasure simpler things when she becomes poor. After losing everything she has, as well as dealing with her mother’s sickness and Abuelita’s absence, Esperanza learns there are more important things in life than material objects. Esperanza becomes a richer person when she is poor because she realizes the value of what she has! The Theme of the Story The Theme of the Story The overall feeling of this story is inspirational. Because of the metaphorical mountains that Esperanza overcomes, I was is given the sense that no matter what, we can rise above our problems. Esperanza overcomes tremendous hardship and becomes a better, stronger individual. Resolution
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