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Roles of women in Grapes of Wrath

I.O.P. presentatation

Hannah Westervelt

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Roles of women in Grapes of Wrath

And the Role Of Women During the Dust Bowl The Importance of female characters in The Grapes of Wrath Background Info
During the 1930s (Dust Bowl & Great Depression
1920-Women get right to vote, equal rights but there is still controversy
Still thought to be one's in the home
Offered jobs but low level and no guarantee of equal treatment Ma Joad Granma's Death
pg. 228
Ma finds out that Granma has died, but acts as if she is still alive so they can make it pass the officer and make it to California. She does this to protect her family Tom's Departure
Ma tells him he must leave before he gets caught. As hard as it is to let him go, she does this to keep him safe and protect the family. She gives him $7 she was saving for him to help him out. Ma's Character Protects family
tries to keep the family together and unified, main goal
very strong phsyically and emotionally
Begins taking over Pa's role and becomes the decision maker of family
Ma Joad = Introduction to Ma pg 74. As soon as we are introduced to Ma we immediately are described her strength and courage. Her character is shown and we know that she is the backbone to the family and her purpose in the book. Significance of Ending Rose of Sharon Another important female character
Evolves through out story, first immature but mature by end
Very essential to ending scen
important role as a women
The ending scene is very important to the role of women. Obviously, only a women is able to do this, so it emphasizes the role of women in the book. This shows how Rose of Sharon has evolved and grown up and matured. She now becomes this women saving a man's life. This was a controversial scene, but it can be interpreted many ways. Symbolizes how women give part of themselves to save anothers life.
Women's strength during time of a crisis
Even in the worst times, women are able to find solutions All of the meanings to the end, symbolize Ma's character throughout the book and what she does to keep the family together. Refers back to the big theme of women in the novel CONCLUSION
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