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Old Testament Timeline

No description

Stefania Gil

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Old Testament Timeline

3000 B.C.
2000 B.C.
1000 B.C.
Early Bronze Age
3000-2200 B.C.

Middle Bronze Age
2200-1500 B.C.

Late Bronze Age
1500-1200 B.C.

Iron Age
1200-586 B.C.

Israel is driven out
586-536 B.C.
Israel returns to the land
Patriarch Era
2100-1600 B.C.
Exodus Era
1600-1375 B.C.
Judges Era
1375-1100 B.C.
Kingdom Era
1100-600 B.C.
Exile Era
586-538 B.C.
Return Era
536-400 B.C.
Silent Era
400- B.C.
1500 B.C.
500 B.C.
Genesis 1-11
Genesis 12-50
1 Samuel - 2 Chronicles
Ezekiel - Daniel
Middle Egyptian Kingdom
2055-1790 B.C.
New Egyptian Kingdom
1570-1350 B.C.
United Israel
1000-931 B.C.
Israel (North)
931-722 B.C.
Judah (South)
931-586 B.C.
Assyrian Empire
722-586 B.C.
Babylonian Captivity
586-400 B.C.
Adam and Eve
Exile (586 B.C.)
King Tut
Ramesses II (1300-1240 B.C.)
Deborah (1239-1199 B.C)
Battle of Kadesh (1274 B.C.)
Fall of Jericho
King Saul (1050-1010 B.C.)
King David (1010-970 B.C.)
King Solomon(970 B.C.)
900 B.C.
930 B.C.
800 B.C.
700 B.C.
600 B.C.
Jeroboam (930-910 B.C.)
Rehoboam (930-914 B.C.)
Omri (885-874 B.C.)
850 B.C.
Ahab (874-853 B.C.)
Jehu (841-814 B.C.)
Jeroboam II (793-753 B.C.)
Hoshea (732-722 B.C.)
750 B.C.
Uzziah (790-741 B.C.)
Ahaz (740-716 B.C.)
Hezekiah (716-685 B.C.)
Manasseh (697-642 B.C.)
Zedekiah (597-586 B.C.)
Jehoshaphat (874-850 B.C.)
650 B.C.
End of Israel
End of Judah
Israel Divides (930 B.C.)
Fall of Assyria (612 B.C.)
Nabopolassar (625-610 B.C.)
Nebuchadnezzar (600-562 B.C.)
Babylonian Captivity
Jerusalem Temple rebuilt
(Jerusalem is Destroyed)
Amos & Jonah
Habakkuk & Zephaniah
Haggai & Zachariah (520 B.C.)
Cain and Abel
Noah and the Flood
Tower of Babel
Abraham's Calling
Sacrifice of Isaac
Jacob and Esau
Joseph Sold into Slavery
Joseph Promoted in Egypt
Moses is Born/Adopted
Moses Delivers the Hebrews
Conquests under Joshua
Destruction of Ninevah
Samuel (1020-1067 B.C.)
David and Bathsheba
Daniel and the Lions Den
Samson (1075-1055 B.C)
New Temple Constructed
Elijah Challenges Baal
The Old Testament
Min 3043 Exploring the Old Testament
Daniel Warner, PhD Instructor
Stefania Gil
February 24, 2014
3000 B.C.
2000 B.C.
1500 B.C.
1000 B.C.
500 B.C.
100 B.C.
600 B.C.
400 B.C.
300 B.C.
200 B.C.
700 B.C.
800 B.C.
900 B.C.
1100 B.C.
1200 B.C.
1300 B.C.
1400 B.C.
1600 B.C.
1700 B.C.
1800 B.C.
1900 B.C.
2200 B.C.
2400 B.C.
2600 B.C.
2800 B.C.
Jephthah (1086-1080 B.C)
Ark captured and returned
Gideon (1192-1152 B.C)
Eli (1067-1107 B.C)
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