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future of testing BBC visit

No description

leigh rathbone

on 5 December 2017

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Transcript of future of testing BBC visit

Automation - How much?
A strong test community driven by self development will help guide us through the future challenges
Develop Roles and People, your future depends on it
Testing pyramid
Who is Leigh Rathbone?
18 years test experience
9 different testing roles. Every testing role has been in a different industry
I work in the trade I love. Its given me so much, that I am now embarking on a mission to give back
No manual testers needed
Spock Vs Anakin Mindsets
These are my own thoughts drawn from my experience gathered over my years involved in testing
More future challenges
The challenge of Agile now, and in the future
Agile culture and mindset
Self development
Old Testament Vs. New Testament
"A test team is the single team responsible and accountable for all testing" - Old Testament
"The world of software development and testing is now too complex. Quality of code is the responsibility of everyone" - New Testament
"In order to just stand still, and cement your place in the current market, you need to keep moving forward at pace" .....Famous person
You can't have testing without controversy
Structured Vs Exploratory
The future will only get more controversial as we need to change
Manual Vs Automation
Having a test team Vs crowdsourcing
A skilled tester vs the public testing (Beta's)
Agile was created by developers without testers (hmmm, I'm not sure about this)
Waterfall Vs Agile Vs The next methodology
Humans Vs IBM Watson
Test manager role in Agile
A desk Vs a real testing environment
Agile is giving testing back to developers, who relinquished it in 1960's (I don't believe this)
What does the future mean for test recruitment
Eyes to the right
What can testers do right now
What will testers look like in the future
An acceptable answer Vs a right answer
Eyes to the left
Some challenges facing us right now
The days of rocking up to work, doing a 9 - 5 role, and expecting your testing career to progress are 100% over. Fact.
Code leaving developers PC, by using techniques like BDD, TDD, combination of tools, collaborative way of working, means it is leaving the Dev's PC in a far better state. The 'simple to find' defects are getting harder to find
The value add from testers and test teams has never been questioned more than it is right now. Companies are using terms like Unified Engineering teams, Tester-less teams
Conventional recruitment needs to change
Curiosity and communication are king traits
Ability to up-skill, self develop and share learnings will also be key traits
ISTQB (certification) can't keep up with speed of change, why make it mandatory? Does it in fact have any value?
A part of your test organisation should represent your customer - so build that in. Recruit from the business, and people that are your customers
@villabone on twitter
Where does testing need to be now, and in the future
Testers need to be the enabler for others to test & find defects quicker (google one click)
Ability to combine the right level of Unit tests, automation, structured, and exploratory testing to add value at the right places
Add value to the internal and external test and non-test communities
Influence architecture to build testability in to the solutions
Influence to Automate what hurts (man, coffee, wife)
Automate at UI level what is important (Laterooms)
Influence a company wide culture of test and learn (laterooms, BBC, autotrader)
Up-skill non testers with testing skills
Predict the future (Y2K38)
Never stop adding value, re-inventing ourselves (Madonna)
Strive to be seen as the SME of testing regardless of who does the testing
Continue to up-skill ourselves and remain relevant
Automate whats right, checks Vs testing
Testing is ALIVE, and needs to stay that way
The future will be tough, we need to be resilient, adaptable, agile in mindset, and be change agents
Shooting fish in a barrel
Big Data Testing
Testers tend to morph into being the glue that holds teams together
Its almost the unwritten rule, its never on any job description, never on any annual goals or objectives
Your Mindset - is it ready for what lays ahead
Its mostly free
Don't turn great testers into poor developers
Agile team members will expect testers to be a testing expert
Michael Bolton
James Bach
Support Framework
Development and learning platform
Lets not be precious over testing
Testers will feel alone and isolated - don't let this happen
Support testers to realise others need to be enabled to test, and its OK to do so
be inquisitive
Try new things, think differently
Explore your emotions
Be creative
Understand and adapt to your role in the team
Learn to re-charge
Be curious
Be proud

Understand and leverage that testers think differently
Critical eye
Speak our mind & good comms
Testers know that things can be different, & will look for potential problems and risks.
evolve and sieze opportunities
Every test in our life makes us bitter or better, every problem comes to break us or make us. The choice is ours whether we become VICTIM or VICTOR
Need to be ready for Generation Z
70% - 80% automated
Mindset to change, upskill, and evolve
Testers will need more security testing understanding / education. Its going to be THE aspect of testing that keeps CIO's awake at night.
Automate the OWASP top 10
The world of technology is growing at such a speed its really hard to keep up. Machine learnings are our next challenge, god help us when true AI comes
The traditional 'seat' for a tester will need to change, look at the gaming industry
The world is changing too quickly for a world that just has manual testers
Assess your Automation strategy, are you ready for the future, do you have the right skill-sets, are you automating at the right places.
Automate your pain points
Whats consuming your teams time
Take time out to look at your automation strategy
Self Development
Take a break. Pressing the 'STOP' button and re-assessing can focus the brain
Turn your automation team into a team of enablers, not necessarily 'doers'
What can testers do right now to ensure their mindset is ready for the future
Get involved in the communities
Understand the basics of security and performance
Look into self development and up-skilling at every opportunity. Up-skill, up-skill, up-skill
Think of automation as not only test automation, but to automate mundane tasks, pain points
Enable others - its a strength
Be proud of our trade, use the skills we've learnt, its OUR strength
Be like Madonna - keep re-inventing ourselves
Embrace Agile - its not going away
Watch the film 'Yes Man' with Jim Carey
Be a curious explorer
Look for curious explorers rather than people that meet a checklist criteria
Testing Mindset
A good answer rather than the right answer
Women in Tech Manchester
Every company is different
(Manual or Automation)
& Enable
Internet of Things
Testers Ivory Tower
Two best players in the world
They don't go home when training ends
They stay behind, and self develop
It's important to remember
To find the right time, right space that suits you for the way you learn
Consider family life, work life balance
Self development does not mean go home and work solid for 4 hours
Pick topics that interest you
Be brave and learn outside of your trade
Make it fun
Think big, start small, start now
Pair up with someone else if need be
It doesn't have to be all about digital (Books, people)
Agile Warrington
Lean Manchester
Manchester Tester Gathering
Liverpool Girl Geeks
Google developers Group
If you want the status Quo, promote from within
If you want change, bring from outside
Its the same with self development.

If you want to hear new ideas, you need to look outside
Test Data
Test Environment
Be Prepared if we cross paths in an interview
I will ask how you self develop, how you invest in yourself, how you stay relevant to your trade
If the answer is you don't, it's the end of the interview
And I am not alone in having that stance
Big Data Testing
Testers need to understand:
unstructured databases
data staging
MapReduce (business logic)
Architectural testing
data ingestion (Bring data in)
OMG - this is bigger than one picture
The combinations are countless
Udemy ethical hacking course
Test data
Test Environment
Proximity / GPS
Whats next - Drones
Hot Tubs are cutting edge in IOT
The future mindset needed for testing
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