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Armenia & Microfinance!!


Rachel Janhunen

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Armenia & Microfinance!!

Explanation Microfinance is a program to help people in need. It is a general term to describe financial services, like loans, to low-income individuals. Christian Perspective I think I've learned that God has blessed Microfinance because it's come in handy for poor people and God would like what they're doing because helping others is Christian. World Map Armenia Armenia's capital city is Yerevan. Artak lives in Sevan. Some of its lakes are Lake Sevan, Lake Arpi and Yerevan Lake. Some of its rivers are Arpa, Debed and Vorotan. In the winter it is -5 C, and in the summer it is +25 C. Armenia is located in the Middle East. The country borders Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Iran. Geography Impact on the Economy By: Caleb Janhunen
June 6, 2013 Helping the needy. Natural Resources, Industry and Agriculture Impact on the Economy History Impact on the Economy Armenia is landlocked so they don't have big oceans/seas to get water from. They also have poor water. Armenia and Turkey closed the border so access to sea ports is hard and it is harder to get the imports sent in from other countries. Only 14% of Armenia's land can be farmed, because their soil is toxic. That means they're going to have to import food which costs more money. Armenia & Microfinance Current Government Impact on the Economy Armenia has nuclear air pollution. Armenia's environmental conditions are worse because Azerbaijani blocked the supplies and electricity from outside. Before 1991, Armenia only accounted for 20% of net material and 10% of employment for agriculture. Armenians only make an average of $25 a month. The population below the poverty line is 35.8%, which is quite high. Armenia The NEP (New Economic Policy) years brought recovery from the economic disaster of the post-World War 1 period. In 1991, Armenia gained independence from Russia, so they're having a hard time working through issues on their own because they have only been an independent country for 22 years. From 1992-1993, the GDP dropped about 60% from the 1989 level. About Artak I chose Artak because with the $2,425 he is not buying something like another motorcycle, he is getting seedlings and fertilizer for an agriculture business. I think this project is worthwhile because with the money he gets, Artak can start a business, sell a lot of goods, get a lot of money and pay you back in no time. Income, Literacy, Unemployment Rate and Health Care Impact on the economy I think Artak will be successful because the agriculture business is a good idea and people will want to buy his goods. Then Artak can pay you back and you can spend the money on someone else. Kiva said that Artak will start an agriculture business and I think he will because he has needed money from Kiva before so he knows what he's doing. Building collapsed from an earthquake Nuclear Plant President, Serzh Sargsyan What I Think Artak Will Get The unemployment rate is at 7%. Health care is hard for them to manage because they have just gained independence as I have already said. Why He'll be Successful The End thank you
for watching! Guess What? I brought Lavash!! Typical bread in Armenia
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