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rosalyn dh

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Aristotle

Legal Views
Political Justice
-natural: "everywhere has the same force and does not exist by people's thinking this or that"
The Polis
18 - went to Athens to study under Plato
35 - left Plato's Academy and went to Asia Minor
and continued philosophical activity, and studied marine biology
38 - moved to coastal city
38-41 - married and had a daughter
41 - moved to the Macedonian capital to tutor the prince (Alexander the Great
49 - returned to Athens
- established school dedicated to Apollo Lykeios named Lyceum
- studied many different subjects, collected manuscripts = library
- wife died, had son with another women
62 - he died in an island off the attic coast of natural causes
-ground law in divine/natural order
-central function of man for imperfect, random judgement of man
LAW = reason free from all passion
-law writing is just putting in concrete form what is already naturally established
-particular law: for each community
-universal law: law of nature, what 'really is'
-legal: "originally indifferent, but when it has been laid down is not indifferent"
Our Duty
-moral duty to obey laws by conscience
-"every man has the right to to disobey a law when he finds that it conflicts with 'natural law'"
-polis: a group of people governed my a common law
-rules can't just be non-instrumental
-must have a goal of good life
-to be a citizen, must participate
Political System
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