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The Bet

No description

Ben Luker

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of The Bet

An appearance of an old prison from the 1800s.
The setting of "The Bet" is in a lodge/prison in the late 1800s.
There are two different conflicts in this short story. One of the conflicts is the bet that the lawyer and the banker made to prove that imprisonment for life is a better punishment than death. This conflict is external conflict, man versus man. The other conflict in this story is the conflict inside the lawyer when he is in jail for fifteen years. This conflict is internal conflict, man versus himself.
The protagonist of "The Bet" is the banker. The banker is a know it all. The antagonist is the lawyer. The lawyer is an emotional person and a book worm.
by: Ben Luker

"The Bet"
A banker and a lawyer make a bet on which capital punishment is worse, the death penalty or imprisonment for the rest of your life. The bet is that the lawyer can not go fifteen years in jail, and if he does, the lawyer earns two million dollars.
A banker throws a party on an autumn night in 1870. There were many different, clever men, but one stands out, the lawyer. All of the men were having a conversation about capital punishment. They were talking about which was worse, the death penalty or imprisonment for life. The lawyer believes that death is worse than prison, and the banker thought that for life is worse than death. So the banker and the lawyer make a bet, saying that the lawyer can not spend fifteen years in prison, and that if he does, he earns two million dollars.
Rising Action
The rising action of the story is when the lawyer spends his fifteen years in jail. He spends most of his time reading books.
The climax of "The Bet" is when the banker decides to kill the lawyer so he can keep his two million dollars.
Falling Action
The falling action of the story is when the banker finds the note that the lawyer wrote.
The resolution resolution to "The Bet" is when the banker goes to the lodge the morning after finding the note, and he learns that the lawyer had escaped, and that he got to keep his two million dollars.
The theme of "The Bet" is that life is better than wealth or money.
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