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MPD - First Engagement Prezi v1.0

End-user Prezi on the Drivers of Cloud

Ray Nelson

on 27 December 2012

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Transcript of MPD - First Engagement Prezi v1.0

Cloud Services Carrier Services
SIP Trunks
High Speed Internet
Network Services Cloud Services
Software Technology Innovations are Changing the Game
Grid-computing, Virtualization
Broadband is now Ubiquitous
3G/4G, DSL, Cable, Ethernet
Storage is Cheap
From $1,000/MB to $0.0001/MB
Performance is Better
Grid-computing is the enabler
Workforce/Computing Device
TCO is Lower
Lower Capex/Opex Why Cloud Now? The Cloud Silos -
Bringing Clarity to the Cloud Cloud...Not a New Idea Enterprises have been building their own cloud solutions for years
Virtualization technologies are mainstream Invest the CAPEX
Integrate the piece-parts
Manage it
Upgrade it
Own it Both Options Get You There….But What Makes More Sense? Buy a Seat on a Plane Build My Own Plane How can I fly from Point A to Point B? Classic Build or Buy Decision What is the Cloud? Broker of Best of Breed Carrier & Cloud Solutions Next Steps Cloud computing is the ability to employ a number of computers, hardware, software, and servers to serve your computing needs remotely without actually owning or running the software and hardware. How are we helping Others Disaster Recovery
Backup critical servers and applications to highly redundant and expandable cloud servers
Replicate computing power and storage resources Hosted Exchange
Reduce management
Provide full features such as mobile device access
Designed to be highly redundant
Simplify licensing costs and upgrade requirements Hosted Voice
Robust and Enhanced Features
Email Integration
Easy access with user and admin portals
Fully Managed Service Knowing what you know, lets get started to dig into how we can help you solve your problems. CaaS

Hosted Voice
Hosted Contact Center
Unified Communications
SIP Trunking
Hosted Video
Mobility ITaaS

Virtual Desktop
Mobile Device Management
Hosted Exchange
Hosted Sharepoint
Disaster Recovery
Business Continuity
Managed Services SaaS

Document Management
Office Suites IaaS

Cloud Servers
Cloud Storage
Cloud Backup Flexible and Dynamic On Demand Elastic
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