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Copy of CAIT - Who we are

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on 21 August 2012

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Transcript of Copy of CAIT - Who we are

the Center for the Advancement of Innovative Teaching CAIT A higher education think tank, we want to inspire the HPU community to achieve teaching and learning excellence by providing opportunities for the sharing and growing of our talent as educators. History the Team Services Orientations Workshops & Events Consulting Project Support faculty
development designed for new teachers, offered in the Fall and Spring or 1:1 on a variety of topics, pertaining to
pedagogy, assessment, and technology individual faculty or department support, mentoring, and coaching related to pedagogy, assessment, tech integration project management, research, development, and evaluation for a variety of university or college initiatives Resources Knowledge Base searchable collection of resources on a variety of topics
subscribe to RSS for immediate notification of new resources Lending Library browse books: http://tinyurl.com/7fheqet Blog reflections, tips, strategies, and more... Faculty Lounge computers and printers in MP 445 Connect with us! 356-5250 cait@hpu.edu MP 440 Request help with your Bb course online:
http://tinyurl.com/6rcdag6 In the Fall of 2011, the Teaching and Learning Center and the Center for Distance Education merged to form a single unit: the Center for the Advancement of Innovative Teaching. Stephanie Schull, Director Sandra Meyer, Coordinator Han Nee Wester, Instructional Designer Sandy Low, Instructional Designer Eddie Merc, Academic Information Analyst Online Teaching Training online modules on how to design and teach an online course @cait_hpu hpucait# Shawn Rodriguez, Instructional Designer
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