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Romeo and Juliet

No description

Nazmoon Miller

on 25 January 2014

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet
In Metropolis lived
two super hero leagues;
The Justice League and The Avengers, who fought constantly.
While on patrol,
Spider-Man swung into Wonder Woman .
They both instantly fell in love with each other,
and spidey soon forgot about Mary Jane.
Xavier agreed to marry
them because
he believed that it would end
the fued between the
two hero leagues. This made Wonder Woman relieved because she no longer had to marry flash.
AFter their wedding
went to hang out with Captain America. They ran into Batman, who had a bone to pick with Spidey.
Spider-Man was devistated.
When he arrived at Chalres Xavier's house, he told
Spidey to runaway to New York City and come back when Wolverine told him he could come back.
Spider-Man the rushed
into the tomb. He found his love supposedly"mortal", and was again devistated.
In order to be with his
true love Spidey injected
himself with an serum that
would make him a normal person and turn him into Peter Parker.
By William Shakespeare
Adapted by Nazmoon Miller

Batman turned Captain
American human by fighting so much that he lost his super solder serum and became Steve Rodgers. This made Spider-Man very mad.
Wonder Woman was being
forced to marry Flash, so she took the potion as quickly as possible and became "Powerless" and Diana Prince. They then placed her in a tomb.
Spider-Man then swung
overto Metropolis and
found Flash out side Wonder Woman's tomb. Spidey then turned Flash powerless.
Both heros, who were
now humans, were found
by Xavier.
He had to explain to the mayor what had happend
The Mayor said if the next heros who fought inside the city, around would have their powers taken
Spiderman was in a slump, because he had just been rejected by Mary Jane Watson. So to clear help him clear his mind he went on a midnight patrol.
Wonder Woman believed that if Spidey really loved her he would marry her. So her went and asked Charles Xavier if he would merry them.
To honor his friend Spidey returned the favor by fighting so much with Batman that he lost his powers and turn into Bruce Wayne. He than ran to Xavier's house.
The Mayor had town
meeting with the two leagues. He said for Spider-Man's crimes he would be banished and if he was found in Metropolis his powers would be extracted.
Xavier then gave
WonderWoman a potion
to make her look as though she had become powerless. Once everyone forgot about her she could runaway to New York with Spidey.
Once everyone though
Wonder Woman was powerless, Thor traveled to NYC and told Spidey the news. He swung fast as he could to Metropolis.
Wonder Woman
was to late to stop him. So she then took the serum and was the next hero to become human and really became Diana Prince.
Both teams made a treaty saying that they would fight toghether, not against each other.
Metropolis was finally
at peace and so were all
the super heros. They were
happy to be together but were still sad a the lost of their friends.
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