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Al Mi'raj

A very interesting and detailed prezi on the Prphets Ascension

Hamza Khan

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of Al Mi'raj

AL MI'RAJ - THE ASCENSION The mi'raj was believed to have taken place a year before Hijra. It contains two stages:
1. The journey to Jeruselam (ISRA)
2. The Journey to the Heavens (MI'RAJ) It was believed to have taken place on the 27th of Rajab. He was mounted on what is known as a burqa, and was accompanied by Jibreal (A). Two Hadith are narrated on this Journey: 1. "While I lay on the ground in the Hijr, Jibril came and cut open my breast from here to here. Then he took out my heart. A golden basin full of faith was brought, and therein my heart was washed, filled with faith, and then it was restored to its place. 2. "Thereupon a white steed, (ALBURQA) smaller than a mule and larger than an ass, was brought to me. Its stride was as long as the eye could reach, and I was mounted on it." The name of the steed (BURQA) was derived from the word Barq which means lightning. This alludes to the quickness of its motion. The prophet (S) mounted the burq which sped past Madina, past Khaybar, and stopped at Jeruselam. On the way to Jeruselam... He was met by a few prophets, and they prayed behind him. He was then offered wine and milk. He took the milk and drank it but he left the wine. Jibril then said, "You Muhammad, have been rightly guided to the nature of man, and so will your people be. Wine is forbidden to you." The prophet then climbed upon a rock in the centre of Al Aqsa and again mounted Al Buraq. They flew upwards towards the heavens, led by Jibril (A). As they passed through the seven heavens, the prophet of Allah saw those prophets which whom he had just prayed with. In each level a different prophet.
1st: Adam
2nd: Yahya + Isa
3rd: Yousuf
4th: Idris
5th: Haroon
6th: Musa
7th: Ibrahim He was also shown a glimpse of hell and those who suffer there. During his night journey, the prophet passed different people doing different activities. There were people who were sowing and harvesting. Every time they completed their harvest, the crops grew again. Jibril (A) said "these are the Mujahidin."
Then he passed people whose heads were being shattered with rocks by angels. Every time the angle would fetch the rock, the head would be whole again. "These are they whose heads were neglectful of prayers." Then they passed people who had no clothes except a rag covering their private parts. They were grazing like cattle. Jibril said "these are the people who did not pay zakah."
Then they passed by those who were eating raw and rotting meat. They would throw a way the cooked meat. Jibril said "they are the adulterers." After that, he saw men with the lips of camels and in their hand fire-like stones which they would devour. The stones would then exit through the backside of the person. The prophet was told these are the ones who had sinfully devoured orphans possesions.
Then he saw men like those of the family of Pharoah, with such bellies as he had never seen. They were passing over them, as it were, camels maddened by thirst when they were cast into hell, tredding them down, and they were unable to move out of their way. These were those who had fathered illegitimate children on their husbands. The prophet encountered various forms of abasement and suffering, which the sinners have to endure for the evil they have done in this world. Of the Gardens that he visited in different heavens, the prophet said afterwards; "a piece of paradise the size of a bow is beter than all beneath the sun, whereon it rises and sets, and if a woman of the people of paradise apperared to the people of earth, she would fill the space between heaven and here below with light and fragrance. The summit of his ascension was the lote-tree of the uppermost end. This tree is indicative of the limit of all knowledge allowed to created beings, though great and wonderful in its self, their knowledge, even in paradise, can never attain to the limitless perfection of the knowledge which the creator has reserved for himself. At this summit, Jibril appeared to the prophet in all his archangelice splendour, even as he was first created. Then the prophet was made to see the much frequent house (al bayt al ma'mur). It is the heavenly house of worship which myriads of heavenly beings visit in adoration of their creator. It is described to have been the spiritual prototype of the Ka'bah in makah, which is the earthly symbol of the oneness of Allah in the same sence as the much frequented house is its heavenly symbol. Therafter prayers were made obligatory - fifty prayers a day. When the prophet was returning, he engaged in a conversion with musa over 50 salah a day as obligatory prayers for the faithful. On musa's advise, the prophet asked several times for an allevation. Each time Allah granted it. Finally it came to 5. Musa agian said it was too many, but the prophet refused to ask for less.
It is actually a fact that before the ascension, prayers were prayed but it was not compulsory. It was not declared by the Shariah laws. After the Mi'raj is when the 5 prayers became compulsory. There were 4 things which were granted to the prophet in Al-Mi'raj. These are:
Five Obligatory Salah
The Last Ayah Of Surah Al Baqara
Remission Of Serious Sins For The Faithful Who Associate Nothing With Allah
The one who intends to do a good deed and does not do it will have a good deed recorded. If he does it, it will be recorded for him as ten, whereas he who intends to do an evil deed and does not do it, no sin will be recorded. If he does it, only one evil deed will be recorded. When the prophet and Jibril made their way back to Jeruselam, they took off to Makkah the way they had came. The Pagan Quraysh asked the prophet for a discription of Jeruselam because they knew he had never been. The prophet did not remember and he was greatly distressed. Allah then place before him an image of Jeruselam and he described it to them while he was still looking at it. Questions! What is the difference between Isra and Mi'raj? Isra is the night journey and Mi'raj is the journey from Jeruselam to the Heavens. What was the description the prophet gave of Al Buraq? A white steed, smaller than a mule and larger than an ass. Its sride as far as the eye can reach. Name two things the prophet saw in terms of punishment. Either:
Head Shattering
Ragged people who ere grazing like cattle
Eating rotted meat, throwing away cooked.
Lips like camels, eating hot stones.
Men like family of Pharoah, Huge Bellies. What are the 4 things that were granted to the prophet? Five Salah a day as obligatory prayers
Last ayah of Baqara
Remission of serious sins for the faithful who associate nothing with Allah.
Who intends good, does good... The End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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