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Mike Robinson

on 17 April 2009

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Transcript of Mloovi

Mloovi the Blog and RSS translator What is it? How does it work? How do we make money? Plans for the future Mloovi is a blog and RSS
translator which uses
Google Translate to
allow users from all around
the world to read your blog Search Engines Mike Robinson Ken Davidson Fabio Bantine Founder & Technical Director serial entrepreneur: Mloovi, Learn10, Digital Egg 10+ years’ experience as a programmer and web developer heavily involved with building web2.0 applications from the bottom up account management and client-facing skills The Team Creative Director marketing-savvy graphic designer with 20 years’ experience 14 years as a partner in a graphic design firm conversant with web technology issues PR and copy writing skills all-round business development knowledge one of the youngest Chartered Marketers in the world award-winning post-grad from Chartered Institute of Marketing heavy technical bias and experience of web development international market development expertise Marketing Director * Albanian
* Arabic
* Bulgarian
* Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
* CatalanNew!
* Croatian
* Czech
* Danish
* Dutch
* English
* Estonian
* Filipino
* Finnish
* French
* Galician
* German
* Greek
* Hebrew
* Hindi
* Hungarian
* Indonesian * Italian
* Japanese
* Korean
* Latvian
* Lithuanian
* Maltese
* Norwegian
* Polish
* Portuguese
* Romanian
* Russian
* Spanish
* Serbian
* Slovak
* Slovenian
* Swedish
* Thai
* Turkish
* Ukrainian
* Vietnamese Languages 41 Highly Targetted Contextual ADVERTISING Localised
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