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Head Girl Speech

No description

Lizz Tebbutt

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Head Girl Speech

Why should
you choose Ormiston
Bolingbroke Academy? Did you know that
last year our GCSE
results were The best in Runcorn? And they're only going
to get better! Doesn't look like much
right now, does it? But next year, our school will look something more
like this: Nice, right? And what will
it be like inside? But not
is new... Even now our facilities are
of a great standard Relationships between students
and teachers are excellent;
characterised through
mutual respect and trust. Ofsted Enrichment Horse Riding Sports Art Cooking Trips Music Project Day - Manley Mere Quarry Bank Mill Chester DEWA
Roman Experience History - Liverpool World Museum Water world And loads of other

as you go through
school! Trips Any
questions? School Life When you join the school, you
also join a house. Here in OBA,
we have 5 houses: Browne Tafari Cottrell-Boyce Nickson Subjects: English
Performing Arts D&T
History The houses are named
after famous authors,
all of which have given
us the permission
to use their names
and they even come to
the school to visit
their houses! Wilson Something a bit more like this... Here at OBA, we are immensely
proud of our transition process. Anti-Bullying We will not tolerate bullying of any kind at OBA, and we are quick to crack down on any signs we see.
Happy students learn the most! House managers
Form tutors
Any teachers you feel comfortable talking to Very few students are bullied, but when they are the school is quick to find a solution to the situation.

Most cases of bullying are resolved within a week or so after reporting the incident! We're very proud of
being a friendly school! Tell Someone!
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