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Behind Me - Dips Eternity -

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cherise harrison

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Behind Me - Dips Eternity -

Behind Me - Dips Eternity -

By Jess & Cherise

In the second stanza royal imagery is created. For instance; 'Kingdoms' 'Monarchy' and 'Dynasty'. We also noticed that there is a lexical set of 'King' 'Prince' and 'Son', this could represent the male dominance of the time period, as men had control over women. Therefore, the speaker appears to feel trapped.
Only the first stanza has a rhyme scheme as line 1 and 2 rhyme, as well as line 4 and 5. The effect of this is that after the first stanza the speaker becomes unaware and disconnected with her writing.

Theme & Tone.
The clear theme of the poem is death and immortality.

Linking To Other Poems.
1. 'One Need Not Be A Chamber - To Be Haunted -
We linked the poems together, because of the theme of men and their dominance in society over women.
2. 'It Was Not Death, For I Stood Up
This was due to the use of juxtapositions used in both poems, which made the reader feel disjointed and distant.
3. 'I Heard A Fly Buzz - When I died-
~Theme of royalty, 'King' and male dominance.

Overall Context
Form & Structure.
In the poem Dickinson uses a juxtaposition of 'Behind' and 'Before' in the first two lines in stanza 1, as well as 'North' and 'South' in the final stanza. The effect of this is that the reader becomes confused and disjointed from the poem, as they are unsure of the point Dickinson is trying to make.
The poem is written in Ballad verse with it alternating between two lines of iambic tetrameter and one line of iambic trimeter. This links with the end letter of line 1 & 2 in each stanza being the same, and the last letter of the 3rd line being different.

Behind Me - dips Eternit
Before Me - Immortalit
Myself - the Term betwee
This symbolises how the speakers mind is constantly fluctuating as they stick to one idea, for a short amount of time and then changes their mind.

There are 3 stanzas each consisting of 6 lines each, half of 6 is 3 therefore we think that the speakers life is split in half. This could be life and dearh as we know that Dickinson felt distant from religion.
After a string of deaths of relatives and friends Dickinson started to question death and immortality, this is shown as unlike her family she never joined the church.
In the first and second stanza Dickinson uses a variety of dental sounds, for example 'Death', 'Dissolving', and 'Dateless Dynasty'. When putting the dental sounds together, a rhythm is created. This links to the variation of iambic trimeter and iambic tetrameter.
In the third stanza Dickinson uses repetition of 'Miracle' in line 1 and 2. The effect of this is that it drums the speakers voice into the readers head, which would also link to the dental sounds.
The quote 'A Crescent in the Sea' creates the imagery of the speakers refecltion and that the view she has of herself is changing, like the tide in the sea.
The context of this is that Dickinson was known to write in places where she felt inspired. Therefore she may no longer feel inspired in the location she is writing in, thus demonstrating the inconsistent rhyme scheme.
' Drift of Eastern
The tone has a neutral feeling, as it is neither completely optimistic nor pessimistic. This makes the tone questionable because it appears the speaker does not know the true reality, this is shown when she describes herself as the 'Term between'.
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