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The Great Depression By Fariha Muniat

Learn about the Great Depression!

Fariha Muniat

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of The Great Depression By Fariha Muniat

The Great
FILES The Great
FILES The Great Depression The time in which stocks prices fell and left many people without jobs. T.C.T.
:D ENJOY The people found it very hard to survive because of the drought. Some people fled while others died of hunger. Some though did manage to survive by fishing, hunting, trading, and least of all, farming. Credits Song: Don't Laugh at me
By: Mark Wills (originally) The Great Depression was also a
time when America was know as
"The Dustbowl". The Great Depression Creators Cause And Effect The Great Depression killed
many people and ruined many futures. Survival: During the Great Depression The Great depression was a time
when many people couldn't get a job
because of that, many starved. Many people didn't have
enough to eat during the
Great Depression. The Great Depression Cause: The Great Depression was caused by when farmers started producing more and more food from the newly made tractors. But food started decreasing as a drought hit America. With no food, life began to turn from a rainbow to a graveyard. Men began to lose their jobs as the stock market fell. Effect: As people lost jobs, women had to get jobs too. But the unfair issues didn't stop there. Women had LESS pay and an unfair environment to work in. Also, The Depression had a huge effect on families. Some people made their daughters get married to any random man. Most families faced divorcement. This mother and her
child have not taken
a bath for days. This girl is sad
and unhappy.
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