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Native American Instruments and Music

No description

Abbygaile Mushero

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Native American Instruments and Music

Native American Music
The Music
The music of native people is often viewed as spiritual, primal, and a little bit odd. Though there are often many people singing at once there is no apparent melody.
Native American Instruments and Music
Music is a universal language. All cultures around the world use music in one way or another. The Native American people are no exception. Just like many other groups of people, Native Americans use music to express themselves, celebrate, mourn, and mark certain times in the year. Many tribes including tribes here in Wisconsin used to use songs as medicine to heal the body and the mind.
Types of Instruments
Think About it!
When does our culture use music?

What do you and your family use music for?

Does your family listen to music from their heritage?
Water Drums
Skin Drums
Hand Drums
Floor Drums
Rattles and Shakers
It is said that most Native American Rattles show "The Three Kingdom". They are:
The animal kingdom
The mineral kingdom
And the plant kingdom
Most rattles have at least one aspect of each kingdom such as a feather for animal, small pebbles for the mineral kingdom, and wood for the plant kingdom.

The Native American Flute Story
Native American Instrument Project
We will be creating our own Native American Style shakers and drums.
First you will pick what instrument you will make
Next brainstorm what you could use from home to make your instrument
Also brainstorm how you will decorate it
Once you have your materials we will construct the instruments in class.
Then we will play our measures of rhythm we wrote on our new instruments in our own class Pow wow!
How to make your own drum
First you will need a recycled container
Oatmeal canisters
Coffee canisters
Make sure they have a lid
You will also need a paper bag that is at least as big as your container
1. Make sure it is clean of any food
2. Take the lid off
3. Take your square of felt and glue to the lid of your container and set to one side
4. Take your brown paper bag and cut to the shape of your container
5. Decorate your paper with your own design
6. Glue or tape paper to your container
7. Put lid back on
8. Take your piece of yarn and wrap around the felt and then tie a knot
How to make your own shakers
First you will need a recycled plastic bottle
Make sure it has a lid that will stay on
You will also need a stick that is at least 6 inches long
Possible an old ruler or a tree twig/branch at least as thick as two fingers
Then you will need things to decorate it and make the shaker noise
Think about the three kingdoms!
1. Make sure the bottle is clean.
2. Unscrew the lid and put your noise making objects in the bottle.
3. Put the lid back on tight!
4. Take your stick and tape it to the side of the bottle. (make sure there is enough to hold on to)
5. Test it out! Does it make the noise you want it to?
6. Decorate! You can use yarn, feathers, or anything else you may have brought!
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