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127 Hours: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

A small theme report on the biography of Aron Ralston.

Johnson Dibrowski

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of 127 Hours: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

127 Hours: Between a Rock and a Hard Place:

By: Justin Ho
I'll go through a quick summary of the book. Basically, this book is about an explorer named Aron Ralston. He is the main character and also the author of the book. He talks about his adventures of climbing mountains, his childhood and his experience of being entrapped in the Grand Canyon by a boulder that has fell on his right hand. Warning, he lives to tell the tale but goes through some gruesome scenes that some don't want to hear or see.
As you all know, I'm doing my novel study on on the book, 127 Hours: Between a Rock and a Hard Place. In this novel study report, I will quickly discuss the story summary, talk about the main character's personality (I think you just want to ignore that part), and the two themes that belong in this book. Well, lets get on with the show.

Character Summary
Aron Ralston is, as you all know, is the main character of his biography. His is, an adventurous man and loves to climb (you would know if looked at his picture). He is into climbing and skiing, both which appears in every child in Utah where he lives. He is very unpredictablbe and usually nobody knows when he leaves, other that his mom. He also is a very devoted fellow. He never was late for work and is always on time when needed.
Character Background
He was born in Marina, Utah, 1975. He was the oldest of two siblings in the family. The family later moved to Denver when he was 11. He graduated from Cherry Creek High School and left Carneige Mellon University with a mechanical engineering and a French degree. He joined a Search and Rescue team. After leaving the team,he scaled all 14000 feet mountains in Utah.
Theme: Desperation
The first theme that I'm going to first intro-
duce is Desperation. This theme has been widely shown in every parts in the book, whether it's from his childhood to his accident in the Canyon. A part that has shown desperation is when he was trapped by the boulder in the Canyon. He has survived days without water and has drunk his urine in desperation. Another time the book has shown desperation is when he is trapped on amountain in a blinding snow blizzard and has resulted in eating his shoe. One last example would be drinking muddy lake water after his escape. He drinks it straight from the lake even when a dead raven leaking blood floats in it.
Faith has played an enormous role in bringing life to the book. Faith has also been shown across the book. One part of faith that has been placed in example is when a family finds him wandering around. Another examples is when a helicopter finds him and the family. Aron has already lost a lot of blood and was on the brink of fainting. The helicopter was actually told by two of the family's siblings to pick him up. The last example that was shown is when he is diagnosed with a fatal bone disease from the ampuation. He was forced to eat several medicine, but even after the digestion, he is in the brink of death. But suddenly, the medicine starts working and he recovers.
Now is the time to conclude the presentation. Now, you see that both these themes fit the book and know the book's main topic. I hope you buy a copy. I recommend this book for people that love adventure. Seriously, its a very good book for adventurous people
The End
-Alvina Leung

Inspiration giver
-Evan Stuart
-Alvina Leung

-Rebecca Eastman

Awesome Friend
-Ryan Ma

Word Choice
-David Lowe

Awesome Maker
-Justin Ho
Aton Ralston cutting off his arm.
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