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Gender Diversity @ UPES

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Jhulan Mukherjee

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Gender Diversity @ UPES

New Decade of gender power at UPES
2013-2023 Presentation Objectives Gender Ratios Comparative Male-Female Faculty Ratio of Engineering Colleges
MOTIVATE Women to take additional roles and challenges
CONDUCT Sensitization/Awareness Workshop
REACH out options : Blogs, Counseling, "Companionship" Commit to Gender Diversity
Develop Awareness & Realistic Targets & Action Plan
Raise the positioning of Gender Diversity from Gender sensitivity to 20: 80 Comparative Male-Female Faculty Ratio of
B-Schools Colleges Ways to Aspire ASPIRE Gender Diversity PRIDE Female : Male Gender Ratios at UPES 22: 78 @ Faculty @ Non Faculty 26: 74 Collegewise Gender Ratio COES - 19 : 81 COMES - 20 : 80 COLS - 32 : 68 Diversity Stats Women in Indian Workforce - 117/478 m (24%)
Gender Equality Index :
132 among 187 countries
Female Economic empowerment in India - 0.3 (where 1.0 is equality)
Senior Level Female Employees - 5% against 20% global average
Women drop out of total workforce - 48% against 20 % Asian average
Women earning same salary as male counterpart - 62% against 80% in USA (2009-2011) (2012) SOURCE: COMPETITION SUCCESS REVIEW, NOVEMBER 2012 - CSR-GHRDC Engineering Colleges Survey 2012 2012 SOURCE: COMPETITION SUCCESS REVIEW, NOVEMBER 2012 - CSR-GHRDC B-School Survey 2012 Why Diversity Matters?

Potential benefits such as:
better decision making,
effective problem solving,
enhanced creativity and innovation,
improved work culture & emotional quotient and
ability to compete in global markets. 1.4% of women employees in India are from the field of Engg./Tech/ PG in Sc. and 2.4% approx. in the field of Law Grade-A Workplace for Women Showcase senior female role models
Sponsors to provide opportunities
Accessibility to informal networks Provides Work life balance and manage flexibility
Addresses concern regarding 24/7 executive lifestyle and travel Questions belief that women “should not” be put in certain roles

Respond to feeling that promoting a women will be “too risky” INCREASE & IMPROVE numbers
Women Faculty in COES - from 19% to atleast 30%
Double up in COMES to 40%
Showcase GROWTH among female employees
Publish SUCCESS STORIES of working women at UPES More Women PARTICIPATION in governance and policy making
TRAIN women for leadership roles Encourage FLEXIBILITY, Focus on Family
Provide Worklife Balance, Travel & Safety
Handholding for New Mothers Targeted recruitment strategy
Change in overall gender/diversity ratio
30:70 by the end of 2015
40:60 by 2020 and further to
50:50 by the end of 2023.
Recruitment of women who return to work/ Part Time job options
Focus on Working couples & their needs Action Plan Women-Friendly HR Policy - Maternity Benefits, Child Care leave, Creche/babysitting facility, Handhold new mothers, Parenting classes for working mothers
Flexible Hours/Work From Home
Transportation facilities
Lifestyle Balance Support
Relationship Management Support
Health Facilities and medical support -
Yoga & meditation classes, health camps, health check-ups, gym membership or facilities

Retention of Women employees
Merit based with equal growth opportunity
Leadership drive for Women
Sponsorship/Training/Mentoring of women for higher echelon
Involvement in Governance Create satisfaction with profession and job
Promote desire to advance to the next level
Help in making personal choices and choose to step up UPES PROUD OF ITS DIVERSITY Over the Years UPES will re-define Diversity as existence of many unique individuals in the workplace and its community,
including men and women from different
ethnic groups,
socio-economic backgrounds,
mental and physical abilities and
all the other unique differences that make each of us who we are. Remember: Among all 47 Faculty and Non Faculty HODS @ UPES only two are Women
(Mandira at CSR, Alka at CS) with none at Faculty level Still the Concerns

Manage timings for women
Family issues
Manage Flexibility
Leave including maternity
Safety Concerns
Cultural Issues
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