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how does science relate: Cheff

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dsw dsw

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of how does science relate: Cheff

how does science relate: Chef/cook
connections to science:
Main Idea
you need classes like diversity, culinary arts, science, and math.
what you need to become a chef/cook
copy and paste as needed and take advantage of an infinite canvas!
to be a chef you need to have lots of good grades especially in classes like science and math.
before becoming a chef you need to have a DBA license, food and safety certificate and an associates degree
some good colleges I would like to go to are Virginia College
Chefs/Cooks use measurement to measure ingredients. They also use color so that they k now what appeals to the people. The boiling point should be known so that foods don't over cook or under cook and flammability should be known so that things do catch on fire. They should lastly know about the human body and the atmosphere. They should know about things that can impact the human body badly so that they don't put that in their foods. The atmosphere is important because in different parts of the world things should be cooked for different periods of time.
A program needed is either a 4 year bachelors degree or a 2 year associates degree.
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