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5 Themes of Geography

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Stella Alphas

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of 5 Themes of Geography

Location Region Movement Place Afghanistan's absolute location is at 33 degrees North, 65 degrees East.
Afghanistan is bordered by Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and a tiny bit of china.
The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul. 80% of afghanistan's religion is Sunni Muslim, 19% is Shai Muslim, and 1% other.
It is in Central Asia.
It is also in the Middle East. People get around by plain, car, boat, and also by foot.
The migration rate is -2.51.
Afghanistan imports capital goods, textiles, and petroleum goods.
They export opium, fruits & nuts, handwoven carpets, hides + pelts, wool, cotton, precious and semiprecious gems.
they bring all the goods in to the country or around the country by plane, pipe line, road ways, and water ways
the citizens of afghanistan get ideas from place to place by internet, telephone, cellphone, radio, TV, talking, and letters/mail Afghanistan's geographical features include the Hindu Kush, Nowshak, and Amu Darya.
In the summer it is hot and dry and in the winter it is cold and snowy.
The vegetation in Afghanistan is Arid and Semiarid.
The citizens are called Afgans.
Afghanistan's official language is Pashtu.
Their population is 29, 419, 928 people.
Their literacy rate is 28.1% of people 15 and older.
The government is Islamic Republic.
The sufferage is 18 years of age. HEI 5 themes of Geography
Afghanistan By Jack McAlpine & Stella Alphas Afghanistan is bordered by many countries. Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan. This is a pie chart of afghanistan's religions A map of the middle east Kids.britannica.com
thinkprogress.org Sources Precious & semiprecious gems Hides and pelts of various animals Thanks for watching!! People in Afghanistan don't have a lot of fresh water so they must irrigate and import fresh water.
Afghans use their surroundings by collecting natural gas and farming.
The people of Afghanistan negatively impact their environment. There is to much deforestation, there is overgrazing, and their is air and water pollution.
A positive is that they protect endangered species.
The environment impacts afghans because there is earthquakes, floods, droughts, and they have limited fresh water. This is a picture of how the Hindu Kush is in Afghanistan. This is a map showing that many of afghanistan's language is Poshtu.
(Poshtu on the map is light green) this is a picture of a flood in afghanistan. here is a picture of grazing
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