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Copy of Sports writing workshop

No description

Sarang Bhalerao

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Sports writing workshop

1 1

What is sports Writing?
Sports writing is among the most popular forms of journalism, in part because sports are, to many, a particularly interesting topic.
Must answer the 5 w’s and 1 h.
Describes the most thrilling part of the game
It uses more colorful words, figures of speech & longer sentences which are not present in other news
It uses special vocabulary(sports lingo)
There are only few who can write a sports story. Even experienced beat reporters get lost writing about them because it takes more than just answering the 5 W’s and 1 H to be able to come up with a comprehensive sports news story.

Types of Sports Articles
1. Advance story (dope or prognostication)
a straight news story
b. background story
c. prediction story
2. Coverage story
3. Advance coverage story
4. Sports Features ( Sport, Sportsonality)
Parts of a Sports News
The Headline
The Lead
The Body
Elements that Make up a Good Sports Article
1. Personalities
2. Play-by-play description
3. Statistics and comparisons
4. Quotes by players
5. Quotes by trainers and coaches
6. Background stuff on players
7. The importance or significance of the event
8. Background of the game
9. Weather conditions
10. Crowd and celebration
What makes a good Sports Writer?
* sports enthusiast
* fair
* have the ability to take notes quickly
* observe accuracy in giving facts
* have high knowledge on sports lingo
Have a strong lead
Write clearly and concisely.
Know the context
Give the major play-by-play
Check your facts
Write Background Copy Beforehand
Write As You Go
Watch for the Good Stuff
At the End, Condense
How to be a Good Sports Writer
Read and Read
Watch Games Regularly
Know the Famous Athletes
Learn the Sports
10 of the Worst Sports Clichés in the Business
1. We need to just play our game.
2. He gives 110 percent.
3. Defense wins championships.
4. She leaves it all out there on the field.
5. Those teams match up well.
6. He takes care of the
7. He's their go-to guy.
8. They have to step up and make plays.
9. They're going for back-to-back championships.
10. He has his game face on
prepared by: Magdales, John Dominic E.
Violent Reactions?
e-mail @ jd.magdales019@gmail.com
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