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Management 222- Case Analysis and Systems Thinking

No description

Peter Boumgarden

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of Management 222- Case Analysis and Systems Thinking

Case Analysis:
Understanding & Influenced a System
Step 1:
Understanding the System

Systems Thinking:

Definition- Understanding how things influence one another within a whole
Influential Figures/ Places - Jay Forrester, Peter Senge, MIT

Key Concepts:
Multiple Causal Influences
Identify Concepts (Variables) in Play
Brainstorm Possible relationships among variables
Identify Nature of Relationship among Variables
Map out relationship between/ among variables (with lines) and nature of relationship (positive/ negative)
Step 2:
Modeling the System
Step 3:
Influencing the System
What is the desired outcome?
What variables of the system have the most influence over the desired behavior of the system as a whole?
How do I influence these variables? (POWER, INFLUENCE, MOTIVATION, STRATEGY, ETC)
what does my influence (or lack of influence) on the outcome of interest tell me about my (mis)understanding of the stystem
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