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Emma Lawson

on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Miley Cyrus
Back Ground
Miley Cyrus is a singer, actor and a political activist.
She is mostly known for her singing career and her roles as Hannah Montana.
But after leaving the show in 2011, public opinion have been highly focused on negative aspects of her appearance .

Words associated with Miley Cyrus:

What people might not know about is her extensive work with homeless youths and LBGT communities

The Happy Hippy
Happy Hippie Foundation
Launched on May 5Th 2015
Its own manifesto attempts to "stop pointless judgement"
10 song covers called happy hippy back yard sessions
Public Appearance

Some believe charitable acts are
purely for seeking public appearance.
2014 VMA speech - raised $200,000 for 'My Friends Place'
Bourdieu - culture and politics should be seperate spheres
Celebrity Following
It is apparent that Miley's following are predominantly young, female, low social capital and unlikeliest to vote.
On the other hand, Miley takes to social media to not just promote herself as an artist and performer, but to also draw attention to current issues such as refugees and homeless youth.
Social Media
Instagram: 35.4m followers

Twitter: 26m followers

The power of celebrites
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