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Radio Wars

No description

Danielle Rocheleau

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Radio Wars

How far is too far?
Should a radio
host be punished for inappropriate
debates and vulgar language? Fall Research The FCC The Overall Question? Internship Struggles How does it work? Whose side am I on? WBOS 92.9 FM After about a month and a half at the station, Crystal who was the manager had been fired. After many calls and emails to the new manager I was never able to go back and finish my interhip. WAVM Being in WAVM for the last six years sparked my interest in radio. The FCC? or.. The radio hosts? Tasks:
* Copying
* Calling contest winners
* Typing interview questions Indecency and Obscenity The FCC has defined broadcast indecency as "language or material that, in context, depicts or describes, in terms patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium, sexual organs or activities." FCC Vs Saga In 2007 the FCC fined Saga Communications in Ma $4,000 for the tardiness of a contest prize.

The winner called in and complained that he recieved his cash prize and his memoralbilia three months later than he was supposed to. Spring Project MHS Radio Day I was able to get 12 students who are not in WAVM to come to the station for a radio show and was able to get a few of those students interested in joining the station. I was happy with my outcome because my goal was to get other people excited about radio and I feel like I achieved that. What Have I Learned About Myself? I have become a little more pushy with calling important people in order to get an answer I may or may not want here. I have learned a lot about radio rules and how the FCC work. The End Questions? Authority of the FCC Spring Research To keep vulgar, indecent, and obscene material off of the airwaves. To listen to the concerns and the complaints of the citizens against a station or a specific host. Howard Stern "Shock Jock" Known for his outspoken and controversial style Common topics include racial slurs and sexual content. Howard Stern "Shock Jock" The FCC issued fines totaling $2.5 million to radio licensees for airing the content on the Howard Stern Show. I am more on the side of radio stations rather than the hosts or the FCC. My Side My Side Radio Wars By: Danielle Rocheleau I came to the conclusion that the FCC is too harsh on radio hosts and that they are very unorganized. Looked into the FCC fines against not just the radio hosts but the radio stations as well. T.J. Walker, the CEO of Saga said the FCC doesn't have anything about contest "tardiness" in their contest regulation. Should the Licensees be Punished? The FCC rules that the radio station should be fined because it is their choice to air indecent and vulgar content. Saga fought for the charges to be cancelled because they compensated the winner for the delay. The FCC refused. Power Hungry? Many people complained to the FCC and said that the court case was a waste of time and that the only reason they would not back down was to show off their authority. Parent Groups Parent groups play a large role in indecency complaints Recently the FCC proposed to soften the rules of radio conent. A parent group fought the FCC to keep indecent conent away from their children. The FCC has to make rules for certain complaints made by the public and keep up with the government standards. After finding out that the FCC fines the stations and not the hosts for the conent, I realized that the stations have a lot more to lose than the people speaking over the airwaves. Lifting the Rules?
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