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Book Project - Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex

This is a book project!

Anisha T

on 15 June 2011

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Transcript of Book Project - Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex

Plot Book Project Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex Anisha Thind 7G The Author Eoin Colfer Inspiration to write Biography 1965 Born on 14th May in Wexford,
Ireland. He is second of 5 children. 1977 First attempt at serious writing. Wrote a school play in the sixth grade. (Age 12) 1987 Graduates from Dublin University with a teaching degree and begins teaching. 1991 Marries Jackie Colfer 1992 Leaves Ireland
to teach in
East Africa, Asia, and Italy for 4 years 1998 First book, Benny and Omar is published. 2001 First Artemis Fowl book is published 2011/ Today Lives with his wife Jackie and his two children Sean and Finn Inspiration "Comes from experience" "Is like a cauldron bubbling with all the things i've seen and places i've visited." Awards Bisto Book of The Year Award
Wish List Bisto Merit Award- Wish List

British Book Awards Children's Book of The Year - Artemis Fowl

Whitebread Children's Book of The Year - Artemis Fowl WHSmith People's
Award - Artemis Fowl 2002 2000 2001 2003 Bisto Book of The Year Award - Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident

Irish World Literature Award

Red House Children's Book Award - Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident 2004 German Children's Book of the Year Award - Artemis Fowl Other Books Dublin Airport Authority Irish Children's Book of the Year - The Legend of the Worst Boy in the World 2008 Bisto Book of the Year Award - Airman
Carnegie Medal - Airman 2009 Irish Book of the Decade (Bord Gáis Energy Irish Book Awards) - Artemis Fowl 2010 Theme varies from children and infants to fantasy Characters Artemis Butler Holly Short Foaly What does Eoin want us to realise about Artemis? To realise that Artemis is not a regular person. He is a teenage criminal who can't stand regular everyday clothes, but will happily walk around in an Armani Suit. What does Eoin do to make us like or engage our sympathy for Artemis? He shows what is going on in Artemis's brain at times and how he is struggling against the Atlantis Complex. and reflect Things that made me cry Im not really a person to cry in books but a part that was a little sad was the part where Leonor just wants to go on one more final journey, and finally die Things that made me laugh A part that made me laugh was the part where Artemis was pretending to be Orion and Holly get really worried. Things that made me angry Something that made me angry was that Turnball was trying to cause havoc just for love. Things that made me think about things that happened to me Something that I can relate to is the fact that Juliet and Butler may fight, but in the end they are a team. I can relate to this because i have a brother too and we fight all the time, but we're still brother and sister. Things that I've never thought about Something that I've never thought about is the fact that someone could become so obsessive and compulsive that they arrange people by height. Things that made me say WOW! Something that made me say wow is the idea of covering all of the glaciers with billions of small nano-wafers Theme Underlying Issues Conflict - Resolution Artemis has the Atlantis Complex He will be given medical help Leonor wants to die peacefully but Turnball wants her to live She takes him in the ambulance which is rigged to explode and they both die. The End Thankyou for being a great audience! Imagination The Beginning Artemis Fowl wants to show his latest plan to Holly Short, Foaly and Commander Vinyaya
He sends Butler to Mexico on a fake call to Mexico.
Holly and Foaly discover that Artemis has the Atlantis Complex Middle Turnball Root escapes from prison
Artemis's new personality is released.
Stranded in Ireland.
Find and escape shuttle that is low on oxygen
Holly shoots Orion and Foaly to conserve the oxygen.
Orion is reverted back to Artemis Fowl, however the Atlantis Complex is still there Beginning Artemis wants to show Holly and Foaly his new plan
Artemis sends Butler to Mexico on a fake emergency call
Holly and Foaly soon discover that Artemis Fowl has The Atlantis Complex, a mental condition similar to O.C.D End Turnball travels to Venice and Artemis follows.
Turnball wants Leonor to live on forever but she is happy to die peacefully.
He bands control runes to Holly and Artemis
Turnball rigged the ship to explode but Leonor overhears.
She is upset and persuades him to go on one final journey.
She takes the ship and leaves with him, the ship explodes and Artemis and everyone else escapes.
After Artemis FOwl is able to get the medical help he needs. The theme of the story is that even the most evil people have their reasons, and that there is a little bit of good in everyone. http://atbibliography.webs.com/index.htm
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