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LPH 105 W15 9.1-6

No description

Richard Datwyler

on 10 June 2016

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Transcript of LPH 105 W15 9.1-6

Chapter 9 Overview
Stability and balance
Static equilibrium conditions
3 types: Stable, unstable, neutral
Stress and strain
3 types: Tension, compression, shear
3 types: Tension, compression, shear
Limit of stress
2 conditions
If 25 kg is the maximum mass that a person can hold in a hand, 35 cm from the elbow, when the arm is positioned with a 105 angle at the elbow. What is the force that the bicep muscle exerts if it attaches at a distance of 5.0 cm from the joint, and the CM of the arm is 15 cm and assumed to be 2.5 kg.
When doing push ups a 68 kg person has his CM located 100 cm away from their feet and 45 away from their hands, with their feet and hands 145 cm apart. What is the force of the floor on each hand and foot?
A 172 cm tall person lies on a massless board supported by two scales, one under the top of her head and one beneath her feat. The two scales read, 35.1 kg and 31.6 kg respectively. Where is here CM as measured from her feat?
A traffic light hangs from a pole as shown here. The pole is 7.5 m long and has a mass of 12.0 kg. The mass of the traffic light is 21.5 kg. What is the tension in the horizontal massless cable, if it attaches at 30 degrees, and what are the vertical and horizontal components of the force of wall exerted at the bottom of the pole?
3.5 m
A steel wire 2.3 mm in diameter stretches by 0.030 % when a mass is suspended from it. How large is the mass? (E=2 x 10^11)
A marble column of cross-sectional area 1.4 m^2 supports a mass of 25,000 kg.
What is the stress in the column?
What is the strain (E=5x10^10)
If it is initially 8.5 m long, how far is it compressed?
1789 N
hand 230 N each
foot 103 N each
90.5 cm
500 N
500 N
328 N
25.4 kg
1.75 x 10^5 N/m^2
3.5 x 10^-6
.03 mm
"How come in static equilibrium problems, we can no longer just use a point to model our objects?"
"Could you explain what the shear modulus and bulk modulus mean?"
"Why is it that you can choose your axis in these problems?"
"Follow through the example 9-4 and instead compute where she should sit from the pivot point, if she had a mass of 35 kg. (answer should look like '3.54 m')"
35.1 + 31.6 = 66.7kg
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