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Terry Su

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Anime

Three Tales
, a 1960 anime, is the first anime shown on television.
The 1970's was where anime became popular.
Manga, anime and graphic novels became very popular.
Osamu Tezuka was the most major influence in anime.
Animation quality has greatly improved.
Digital animating is now more popular than traditional cell animation.
There are seasonal anime.
Everything is expensive as heck. (Blu-ray for Fate/Zero costs over $300 in some cases)
There are anime conventions.
There are fandoms for almost everything.
There is the cursed Hare Hare Yukai dance.
Early Beginnings
It first arose in the 20th century.
Japanese animators were testing out new animation techniques.
First clips of animation were released in 1917.
1930's is where animation became an alternative to live-action.
Anime are Japanese animated productions featuring hand-drawn of computer animation.

The word is usually used when describing a Japanese animation with colorful graphics, characters and unique themes.
Art Styles
Anime has a variety of art styles.
They can range from quirky and simple to detailed and fluid.
The more expensive the anime, the better the art.
Currently, one of the most common types of art styles is drawing characters with a simple design but a bright and vivid color palette.
Anime targeted towards a male audience.
Opposite of Shounen, targeted to females.
Shows targeted to older audiences.
Giant robots, from human-size to galaxy-size.
Slice of Life:
Nothing too supernatural, mostly normal.
Always better than Twilight.
Funny stuff.
Erm… like… fanservice.
Science Fiction:
Lasers, space, anything Star-Wars level
Dragons, magic, etc.
Mahou Shoujo:
Magical girls, sparkles, etc.
Stuff that is really… creepy/confusing.
Suspenseful shows with action and drama.
From ping-pong to super saiyan basketball.
Show with one or two guys and 5-100 girls.
Boy x Boy romance. D:
Girl x Girl romance. :/
What is Anime?
Format of an Anime
An Average Anime Episode
An average episode is around 23 minutes.
There are 3 types of anime formats: TV, OVA and ONA.
TV means a regular TV series, ranging from 8 episodes to over 600.
OVA means an original video animation. They originate from a Blu-ray or DVD.
ONA means an original net animation. They are posted originally online.
Parts of an Episode
ln an episode, there are either 3-5 parts.
There is the opening, the anime itself, the ending, and a preview for the next episode.
Some anime have a short clip of the story before the opening.
Also, in important episodes, there might be an insert song.
Openings and endings are video clips put on top of a pop or rock song.
Openings tend to be more actiony/dramatic than endings.
Examples of OPs and EDs
AMV stands for Anime Music Video
People make these by taking clips from anime and putting them on top of audio.
AMV's do not necessarily have to be with music.
Attack on Titan
Kuroko no Basket (Super Saiyan Basketball
Akuma no Riddle (Shoujo-ai)
Anime Conventions
Anime conventions are events where people come to a place to watch/talk/buy/etc. anime.
Pricing to enter costs from Free-$100.
To get more money, there are a plethora of dealers in the building that sell manga/anime/posters/figurines/swords/etc. for more money.
There are live singers and videos at conventions.
Usually, famous English anime voice actors and Japanese singers are invited.
Last week, there was a convention called AnimeNEXT at the Garden State Exhibit Center.
There were many famous guests there, like Luna Haruna and staff from the company Trigger.
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There are many anime merchandise.
There are manga, light novels, DVD/Blu-Ray, figurines, posters, mousepads, keyboards, cups,etc.
Prices vary.
Posters can cost $10-50.
Figurines can cost $20-300.
Blu-Ray's can cost $35-330.
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