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My digital learning environment

No description

RIchard Jenner

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of My digital learning environment

VLE Wikis specific
up to date information
large database

Medpedia Groups
Share/upload photos and videos Contact teachers and peers
Revision material
Lecture slides Journals Search engines Digital learning Provides a variety of sources
Quick and efficient
Mail, maps, images and videos all in one place
ITunes Summary videos
Upload videos
Great for visual learners Podcasts, audio learners
Relaxation/ concentration
ITunes store Facebook is now the most used social networking site in the world.
The ability and ease to contact peers is a useful tool of understanding complex lecture information. Laboratory work and group work can also be discussed through setting up groups
Youtube provides an in depth video database that can be accessed easily. Videos can be used as a learning tool or for extra reading around the subject. The videos can give a good overview of certain topics e.g. for conditions such as Cystic Fibrosis, a video showing the sufferer and the effect that it has on their day to day lifestyle.
http://www.youtube/com/watch?v=r7HPOwhUMbE&feature=related Google is the most used search engine in the world. It provides a massive source of websites that you wouldnt find without it. Google has developed as a search engine and now combines email with videos, maps and images all grouped together and easy to access. Wikipedia is a huge online encyclopedia, that works like a wiki and allows people to edit the information on there. There are over 3million entries in English and it is available in over ten different languages. ITunes has a huge online database, that can be downloaded. Podcasts can now me put onto the ipod so that lecture notes are available on the move wherever, whenever. This is a great source for learners who benefit from audio. Yahoo
AOL Finding a journal that is both relavent and up to date in its content can often be the most challenging part of writing essays and lab reports. The use of good journals can transform a good lab report into a higher standard of report. PubMed is a great tool for finding these journals, it works like a simple search engines, giving relavent papers to the keyword search. This site can be described as a 'trusted' wikipedia. This is due to the contributors being experts within their fields. The site is growing and with that the depth of the information is also growing. Great revision tool
Quick and easy to use The VLE is a fantastic online resource. Any lecture slide from the year can be accessed and download anytime any day. Coursework is uploaded and viewed on the VLE. Lectures can be contacted easily via email and a quick response is usually recieved.
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