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Jennifer Reyes

on 7 October 2013

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What do we do ?
What is Ocean Engineering?

Ocean engineering is the application of engineering principles in an ocean environment. The diversity of this environment and the challenge of the ocean frontier make it an exciting career for young ocean engineers.

Ocean engineering prepares people to build systems that monitor and control coastal environments. Students learn to build dikes, flood control systems, and power stations in or near the ocean. They also learn to use math and science to solve problems caused by tidal forces, waves, and currents.
Ocean engineers will have an impact in the future because they are needed to stop the global warming effect
Being a ocean engineer would be an interesting field to work in because of the different workplaces.
exploration and exploitation of offshore gas and oil fields
Ocean Engineer
Working Conditions
Usually work shifts can be on call
Work in dry docks if they are shore based, or on board ships, mainly in engine rooms
Works in all weather conditions
May travel within New Zealand waters or to over seas ports
Job Responsibilities
Design a variety of equipment used on modern sea-fairing vessels
Is there a demand?
Yes! Very much so because due to economic crisis
What education is needed?
Bachelor degree in engineering
In a degree in natural science or mathematics
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