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English Revolution

No description

christopher tice

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of English Revolution

Why do you think the English revolution is?
English Revolution
When it started and why.
The English revolution started in 1642 when Charles the 1st raised his royal standards in Nottingham.
Who was Charles the 1st
On November 19, 1600 in Dunfermlive palace, Dunfermlive, United Kingdom king Charles the first.
One of the reasons that the civil war is that king Charles the first raised his royal standers.
In 1642 the civil war started in England. And the civil war ended in 1645.
There were three major battles of the english civil war- edge hill (1642) Marston moor (1644) and Naseby (1645)
Religion and taxes
objections and suspicions that followed the marriage of Charles to a french catholic are a religious cause of the civil war.
peoples' dislikes of Charles' taxes in an economic cause of the English civil war.
one of Charles the firsts deeply unpopular taxes are ship money.
Who is Henrietta Maria
Henrietta Maria was the wife of Charles the first.
She was a french catholic princess
Charles the first became king after his brother, prince Henry , dies in 1612.
Also he was the king of England at the start of the civil war.
He was the husband of the french catholic princess Henrietta maria.
The civil war of England
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