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Presentación Filosofía

Renata Rojo

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of ALICE IN WONDERLAND

Alice In Wonderland ITESM CSF Pensamiento y Reflexión Filosófica
Julieta Rivera Pastrana Reina Escandon A01018123
Renata Rojo A01018390
Camila Toledo A01018137
Pedro Zúñiga A01018884 When Alice is in the meadow, which is at the beginning and end of the movie, is real.
From Alice's point of view Wonderland is real, until she wakes up and realizes it was just a dream. At the very beginning, Alice was doubtful of the strange things she was living and watching. But as she falls deeper into her dream, she loses the concept of reality, believing everything she sees is real. The other characters' actions and thoughts are limited by Alice's imagination, because she is the creator of that reality. Alice believes on everything she sees, although there are some situations that couldn't happen in the actual reality that make her wonder whether the world she is living in is real or not. It is impossible for Alice to know what is real and what is not, because she's not in control of her dreams The knowledge she acquires is achieved by her thoughts. We can relate Alice's perception of reality with Descartes' doubts and Plato's theory of forms. One of Descartes' doubts was whether we are awake or sleep, and Alice's situation exemplifies this because she couldn't distinguish reality from her dreams. At the beginning of the movie she wished the world was "nonsense". We related this with Plato's world of ideas because in "her world" everything would be perfect and the world she lives in is just a fake copy of that ideal world. She was fooled by her senses into believing her dreams were real.
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