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Taiwan's Democratic Crisis

Please share this info to the WORLD before we vanished!!!

freedom Taiwan

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Taiwan's Democratic Crisis

Many photos are provided by the people
Innocent Unarmed People
Madness Police TRAMPLEs PEOPLE
POLICE Expels Medias
Police Expels ALL the MEDIAS before the attack
Doctors healing the victim
People in Taiwan needs your help!
Monday, March 24, 2014
Share this info to help us.
Government Neglects People's Demends
POLICE ATTACK Unarmed Students and People
Still Attack
Peace Peace Peace
Students occupied Parliament in Taiwan, March 18. Because of Taiwan's Government's brutally pass the
Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement

without any proper procedure
. After 5 days non-violent protest, president Ma-Yin-JOKE and premier Jiang Yi-WHAT
give students and people a chance to
communicate or negotiate
with them. They use all of the press and media to
students as mobs.
In the midnight of March 24, some students occupied Executive Yuan peacefully.
The Government start to crazy. They forced

unarmed students sitting on the ground and with their hands in the air.
just shout out" PEACE
WE DON'T WANT THIS BLACK BOX Agreement. And we also don't want this kind of tyrant Government.
Taiwan's Democratic Crisis
WE Don't wanna become Part of CHINA
Share this! You can free 23 million soul.
Police Baton and Police Shield
Even the Riot Waterwheel
Save Taiwan the Formosa
or we are going to be
Countless Attack
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