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TBDHU - Love Sex and Relationships (Grade 7)

No description

Marsha Brubacher

on 19 April 2017

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Transcript of TBDHU - Love Sex and Relationships (Grade 7)

TBDHU Grade 7: Love, Sex & Relationships Part 1
Intimacy Continuum
4 areas that shape our sexuality and decision making about when to become sexually active
practice using communication in an intimate relationship
waiting for sex and intercourse

Ground Rules
o One person speaks at a time. Everyone deserves to be heard.

o LOL. Laughter is highly recommended.

o No question is unwelcome.

o Respect yourself and others.

o Say what you mean using the words that you know.

o No names or personal stories.
Life Long Process
Biological Sex
our bodies & how they work
Sexual Orientation
how we think
how we feel
and behave

My Body

Biological sex
How it works (ie reproductive system, penis, vagina, puberty, etc.)
How I look after my body (ie. hygiene)
What do I choose to do with my body (ie holding hands, kissing, touching, sex)
Knowing about STIs and pregnancy
Pleasure and desire
Sexual orientation- who am I sexually attracted to
Sexual attraction

My Behaviour

how I treat others and myself
how & who I interact with
how I communicate with others (trust, friendship, dating, limits, marriage, respect for others, teasing)
peer pressure
social media
how I express myself and my gender through dress, style, behaviour, etc. (gender expression)

My Feelings

• How I feel towards others (love, intimacy, attractions to others)
• How I feel about myself
• How I feel about intimacy (ie hugging, holding hands, kissing, sex etc.)
Am I comfortable with this activity or decision or not? Do I feel ready for this decision or activity?
• How I identify myself in my mind - gender identity

Two Way Street
Getting to know a person
Going out
Holding hands
First gentle kiss
Longer kiss
French or wet kiss
Touching over clothes
Touching under clothes
Oral sex
Anal sex
Vaginal sex
Wrap up
influenced by body, mind, spirit, emotions, and social factors
intimacy is a journey: unique for everyone
Next session
sexually transmitted infections
what's happening to me?
Changes for boys & girls:
Healthy Sexuality is...
The timing of changes is different for everyone. This is normal.
Intimacy Continuum
How will you know if you are ready for sex?
prepared to protect their health (STIs, pregnancy)
ready to accept the emotional and social consequences
What might influence this continuum??
Charli and Jesse's Story
Group Activity
Questions to consider:
Waiting for the right person or to strengthen relationship

Responsibilities & Consequences of Sex (Physical & Emotional)

If you are unsure…
you are not ready

Am I feeling pressured?
Does it fit with my beliefs?
Will I feel guilty?
Am I trying to get love or affection?
Am I trying to keep my partner?
Do I want to feel attractive?
How will my reputation be affected?
Will sex bring us closer?
Do we want the same things from sex?
Can I talk to my partner about birth control and STIs?
Are we prepared for an unplanned pregnancy?
Grade 7 is the right age to start dating?
If someone doesn't like you, try to change their mind.
Family values influence how you think about sexual activity.
A person should not have sex if their partner is unsure.
Oral sex is not having sex.
If someone agrees to have sex, but passes out, it's ok to have sex with them.
Religious beliefs should influence how you think about sexual activity.
People don't need a vaccination for HPV if they are not sexually active.
Some types of sexual activity have more risks than others.
People of all gender identities and sexual orientations need to learn how to stay safe and healthy in relationships.
Why did Charli/Jesse go into the bedroom?
How does Charli/Jesse feel?
What do you think should happen?
Are they at risk for getting an STI or pregnant?
Has it changed your perspective?
Why was there a misunderstanding?
Body language was not effective. what went wrong?
Was consent given?
What kind of limits could they have set.
What role did alcohol play?
If they'd had sex, would they be prepared? regret it?
Different sides of the story!
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