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King Cotton and the Institution of Slavery

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Jessica Ping

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of King Cotton and the Institution of Slavery

King Cotton and the Institution of Slavery
King of Cotton:
Eli Whitney
Born in 1765
Cotton Gin
System of Interchangeable Parts

Slavery in the Industrial Age
More Demand=More Production
Factories develop
Less slaves, more factory workers
New Machines, Better
Industrialization decrease slaves
Danger with Cotton
Expansion of the industry
*became very dependent on the 1 cash crop
*South became very monopolistic
*The plantation system was very unstable
*South got greedy and hated that the North benefited as well
Importance of Cotton To the South
*Increased imports
*Brought wealth
*North and South benefited from the work of the slaves harvesting cotton
*Plantations were being formed
*More people owned only a handful of slaves
*The South supplied the world with almost half of the cotton supply
How it all connects together into the beginning of the Civil War
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