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The Secret Language of Sisters

No description

Gurleen Gill

on 4 January 2017

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Transcript of The Secret Language of Sisters

The Secret Language of Sisters
By: Gurleen
Sisters Tilly (Mathilda) and Roo (Ruth-Ann) have been through everything, including their father’s sudden death only a year ago. When Roo recieves an impatient text from Tilly telling her to pick her up at a museum, Roo makes a split-second decision that changes her life forever. Paralyzed and feeling hopeless, 16-year-old Roo, the “perfect, genius" sister finds herself stuck in a body that won’t respond, surrounded by loved ones that are slowly drifting away from her. When 14-year-old Tilly discovers that she is responsible for the text that put her sister in such conditions, it is up to her to repair her sister and to "take her out of her cage". With the help of supportive doctors and new friends, both girls find ways to express themselves and prove that sisterhood is an unbreakable bond.... through their secret language.

-Connecticut river
-Hospital near their house
-Boston hospital
-Roo's car
-Roo and Tilly's House
point of view

This book has a First person perspective because it switches between perspectives of both sisters and they say their perspectives of life, because Roo is stuck in her own body waiting for somebody to notice she is alive, and there is Tilly, waiting for Roo to make a noise or do something that would show her that there is live in her sister.
I believe the theme of my novel is mystery because Tilly needs to find a way to look at her sisters face and be able to know what she is going through and Roo needs to find a way to show her expression through her eyes -the only parts of her dead body that can move-. Together, Tilly and Roo have to speak in a "secret language", a language that only sisters can speak through their emotions.
In my opinion, I think there are 2 conflicts or problems that occur throughout the novel. One on the conflicts in my book is when Roo gets into a coma and is paralyzed after making one simple mistake. She ends up in the hospital and whether she shouts at the top of her lungs, she is trapped in her own body. Throughout the book, both sisters struggle to understand each other through a secret language.
Conflict #2
The other problem that occurs that I really thought was a plot twist is that since the most closest people to Roo are Tilly and Newton, they are going through a tough time and the only people that can understand what their going through are other. Ever since Roo was stuck in the hospital, Tilly and Newton got more close, so close that Tilly started thinking of Newton as more than just Roo's boyfriend, and Tilly started catching feelings for him. Soon enough, Roo finds out Tilly's feelings for her boyfriend and his furious, but can't do anything about because she is in a coma and paralyzed.
My Opinion
In my opinion of the book "The Secret Language of Sisters", I believe that the moral and the details in the book are very clearly described, every character and every setting that was described in my novel had so much detail that I had a feeling I was in the characters spot and I felt the pain and sorrow that Roo and her family had felt to see Roo on the hospital bed in a coma. The book also had an amazing moral and relatable moral that if you are being rushed to be somewhere and you get a reply from a friend or relative, you can either wait until you reach to your designated destination or you can pull your vehicle to the side and then reply. Overall, I really enjoyed the novel because it was very detailed and well-explained and it was relatable to real life and how people will call others or text them while driving.
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