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The Nutcracker Ballet Mystery

No description

Megan E.

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of The Nutcracker Ballet Mystery

The Nutcracker Ballet Mystery

Main Characters
Nancy Drew- An 18 Year old girl that loves to solve mysteries. She is determined to figure out who the culprit is.
Bess and George- Nancy's two best friends they are helping out at Madame Dugrand's Studio.
Alicia Dugrand- The owner of the dance studio.
Shana Edwards- The New York City Ballerina that visits Riverside to star in The nutcracker. She is a Sugar Plum Fairy.
Darci Edwards- Shana's Younger Sister. She is envious of Shana because she wanted her role.
Lawerence -A handsome ballerina. He gets to dance with Shana and is Darci's crush.
Gertrude Wolaski- The elderly seamstress that helps out backstage.
Madame Dugrand's Dance Studio- It has two studios, dressing rooms, an office, and a large recital hall. It is very run-down because rent has gone up.
Shana's house- Where a gala is hosted before the performance.
A fancy Apartment Complex- Where Madame Dugrand's van goes.
The dance academy is in preparation for The Nutcracker, but theft and vandalism threaten to darken the theater and doom the dance. Bad things have happened and many students quit. But Nancy steps in to investigate. First,the stage curtain sets on fire by a match. Then somebody loosened the barre and it fell on Shana's leg. The culprit knew it couldn't support a dancer's weight. Shortly after, the culprit set up a trap and the nutcracker doll broke in half. Then the snow machine was turned on, filled with soap and Madame Dugrand fell off stage. When Nancy and Bess go back to the school someone disguised as the mouse king, traps them in a closet and turns off the power. That night someone steals Madame Dugrand van and crashes in to Nancy's blue Mustang. Soon someone breaks into Madame Dugrand's office.
Near the burnt curtain, Nancy found a handkerchief with the initials G.T.
In the snow, Nancy saw small pointed shoe prints.
Nancy saw to people get in to the van, so there should be two people.
Someone took the picture of Madame Dugrand in her sugar plum fairy costume.
Will Nancy ever figure out who is bringing doom to the school? Will Madame Dugrand's school live on?
A Nancy Drew Book
By Carolyn Keene
Keene, Nancy. The Nutcracker Ballet Mystery. New York:1992
I really enjoyed this book.
I think anyone that likes
mysteries and dance
might enjoy this.
This book kept
me in

Prezi By: Megan E.
The show must go on, right?
Find out in The Nutcracker Ballet Mystery!
The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy!!
Stars represent what picture goes with what event
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