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Postcolonialism and Animal Farm

No description

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Postcolonialism and Animal Farm



Animal Farm

What is Postcolonialism?
Animal Farm by George Orwell
What is Postcolonialism?
What does it have to do with literature?
Chapters 1-3
Chapters 4-6
Ch. 5
: -Snowball and Napoleon have disagreements at meetings. Snowball is a better speaker and debater. Napoleon has more support. Snowball wants to build a windmill, it will help in the future but will take time to make. Napoleon wants to worry about current needs, not the future.When animals are about to decide on windmill, Napoleon's puppies run snowball off farm. Decisions are now made by pigs. 3 weeks later, Napoleon decides to do windmill.
Chapters 7 & 8
Chapters 9 & 10
Rations get smaller except for pigs and dogs. Napoleon has children and wants a schoolhouse to be built. Napoleon makes animals listen to speeches, march, and worship animal farm. Animal farm become a republic. Pigs still say
How is it connected?
Example 1: In the very beginning, Mr. Jones is the owner of Manor Farm. He does what regular owners do. He cultivates the land and sells products that the animals make. He sometimes makes mistakes by forgetting to feed the animals. This is the way Mr Jones runs his farm. The animals disagree with it and hate it because they believe they are like slaves and he takes things from them without giving anything in return. They end up deciding to form a rebellion because they want to be treated well.
They run off the farm and take over it.
How is it connected?
and Animal Farm
Sadie Carrillo, Dennis Baleta
Tom Black, & Stephon Barker.

Ch. 1
:-Animals live on Manor farm. Old Major (pig) calls a meeting with all animals

-Humans are evil. They make animals their "slaves". They kill them once they are useless. Animals live in bad conditions because of humans.
-Decide on rebellion to get rid of humans. Animals can then rule the farm.
-Animals can't adopt human habits. Enemies: two legs. Friends: four legs or wings.
:-Old major dies in sleep. Animals continue to make rebellion, pigs are in charge. Napoleon and Snowball are the top. Napoleon and Snowball make Animalism, fundamentals of how animals should believe.
- Moses (raven) spread rumor of a good place where animals go when they die. Napoleon and Snowball stop rumors. Mr. Jones (farmer) forgets to feed animals.
Hungry cows break into store shed and eat hay.
- Mr. Jones whips cows. Animals get angry and chase them off the farm (rebellion). Make farmhouse a museum. Pigs confuse they learned how to read.
-Seven key commandments (replace animalism) painted on barn.
: -Animals harvest fields. Meeting every morning. Snowball makes committees to do different tasks, but they fail. All animals know how to read
or write something. Animals can't memorize commandments. Seven commandments turn into one, "four legs good, two legs bad." Napoleon
trains puppies on his own. Animals find out pigs steal apples and milk.
Pigs say they need it to think. If they cant think, humans
might come back.
: -news of animal farm has spread. Animals everywhere act rebellious because pigeons sent by snowball told them to. Mr. Jones & friends march onto animal farm.
- Snowball prepares a defense and ambush the men. Humans lose. Only one sheep dies. Some animals feel guilt because they killed people. Snowball says "the only good human being is a dead one.”
-Animals find Mr. Jones' gun and put it by the flag staff. They fire it on the anniversary of the rebellion and the battle of cowshed.
Animals work hard to build windmill. Pigs cut down food rations unless they work on Sundays. They begin to make windmill. They need materials they cant make (iron, nails, etc). Napoleon trades with a human for them. Animals think its bad
trade with humans, but there's no law against it. Pigs live
farm house, even in beds. Pigs say its bad to sleep in a
bed with sheets. Storm destroys windmill.
Napoleon says snowball did it. Makes
reward for his death.
Ch.7: -
Animals rebuild windmill. Run out of food. Napoleon sell 400 eggs a week to feed animals. Animals are in shock. Hens rebel. Napoleon gives them no food at all. 9 hens die. Pigs says snowball sold himself to other farmers and he's been helping the humans since the beginning.
- Napoleon makes animals say that they helped snowball then tells his dogs to attack them. Four pigs and other animals die. Animals are confused and scared. They can't believe how things are now. Pigs tell them to sing a new song instead of "Beasts of England". New song is for patriotism and glorifies animal farm. "Beats of England" is for the rebellion.
Commandment "no animal shall kill another animal" turns into "no animal shall kill another animal without cause". Pigs say things are better than they were with MR. Jones. Napoleon has many titles. He sells timber to another farmer. Gets cash and has all money.
-Windmill finished. Many farmers attack animal farm and
blow up windmill. animals attack and win, but some die.
Pigs find whiskey and get drunk. Commandment "no
animal shall drink" turns into "no animal
shall drink to excess"
Animals rebuild windmill again. not a lot of food.
that snowball fought for humans at the battle of cowshed. Moses (raven) comes back and spreads rumors again. Pigs let him live on the farm. A horse gets hurt and pigs say they send him to a hospital. They really send him to a glue factory and animals tell the horse to escape. Pigs say that the horse died in the hospital. Pigs bought more whiskey.
Years pass. Many animals die. Make another windmill that can give them more money. farm is rich, dogs and pigs are the only ones that benefit from it. Animals see pigs walking on two legs and carrying whips. Sheep now chant "four legs good, two legs better." Napoleon smokes pipe. Pigs read human magazines, wear clothing, listen to the radio, etc. Pigs invite farmers to see animal farm. Other animals watch the pigs toasting with the humans.
Pigs say they wanted to be peaceful all along. They play card games. Other animals begin to realize they dont know who is human or who is pig.

- Post: subsequent to; after.

- Colonialism: the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically.

-Therefore, post-colonialism is simply a period or time after colonialism.
- In most literature, Post colonialism is generally written about certain countries that have previously been colonized.

- This type of critical lens would approach this type of literature by looking for what effects colonization has left on that particular society or on individual characters. Then interprets the challenges and changes of a previously colonized nation.
-While using this type of critical lens, the main goal is to seek and understand the behavior of characters or the society. The reader must analyze and explain the effects that colonization and imperialism have on people and nations in order to use the critical lens.
Key Terms
1) Post colonialism: period following the decline of colonialism
2) Alterity: lack of identification; to be different; otherness
3) Diaspora - Used to refer to any people or ethnic population forced to leave their traditional homeland.
4) Eurocentrism - The practice or emphasis on European concerns, culture, and values at the expense of other cultures.
5)Hybridity - Integration of cultural signs and practices from colonizing and colonized cultures.
6) Imperialism - Policy for expanding control or authority over foreign entities as a means of acquisition or direct territorial control or indirect methods.

There are many different ways you can analyze Animal Farm through a post-colonialism lens. These are two random examples from the novel.
Example 2: After the rebellion, the animals take over Manor farm and make it animal farm. The pigs eventually become the leaders and set out rules. They make sure the animals do all the farm work. The pigs make money off of the animals work and things they produce so the farm starts to get rich. The pigs keep all the money and leave the animals in worse living conditions than before when Mr Jones was there. The animals work way harder than before and are also getting fed way less. Despite the problems, the animals believe things are better because the pigs tell them that. The animals always have a little thought of but then it is brainwashed
out of their heads. Many more animals are also getting killed than before because Napoleon's dogs attack them if they disagree
with him.
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