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About Community Land Trusts

No description

Juliana Fulton

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of About Community Land Trusts

About Community Land Trusts
Community Land Trusts
What is a CLT?
Who starts CLTs?
Private Entity
Land Trusts
Capacity building with community groups
Assistance establishing a new community land trust within a neighborhood
Establish permanent affordable housing at the neighborhood level
Technical assistance with applications, loans, grants and general paperwork
Land Conservancies
Definition: a private, nonprofit organization that works to conserve land through conservation easement acquisition, or stewardship of these land or easements.

Goals: to preserve sensitive natural areas, farmland, ranchland, water sources, cultural resources or notable landmarks.

Examples: large and small
The Nature Conservancy (international)
Finger Lakes Land Trust (upstate NY)
Possible points of assistance
public or private donations of land
government subsidies (e.g. federal HOME investment partnership program)
How does a CLT operate?
Permanent Affordable Housing
Permanent affordable
Rental housing
Urban revitalization
City - CLT partnership
Definition: A community land trust is a nonprofit organization formed to hold title to land to preserve its long-term availability for affordable housing, neighborhood revitalization and other community uses.
Burlington CLT - first municipally funded CLT with 2,500+ members
Madison Area CLT - county-wide program
HomeStretchHousing in Traverse City
reference : mile-end-residents.co.uk
Urban Revitalization
Usually community groups
Existing organizations (grafted on as an internal program, e.g. social service organization)
Some city or county governments (e.g. Irvine, Chicago)
reference: Yesim Sungu-Eryilmaz for the National CLT Academy, 2008
Traverse City, MI
Kent County Community Land Trust
101 Sheldon SE, Suite 2
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Northern Homes CDC
Boyne City, MI 49712
Providen Community Land Trust
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
reference: CLT Handbook
Land held in a legal trusteeship for designated beneficiaries.
reference: wikipedia.org/wiki/Land_trust
a.k.a. conservation land trust
a.k.a real estate investment trust
Community land trust advising
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