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Part 2- Technology

part 2- Austin Holden, Liz Mullin, Maggie McWilliams

austin holden

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Part 2- Technology

WIRELESS INTERNET TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY Wi-Fi stands for "wireless fidelity" and is a wireless internet
signal that allows someone to access the internet from 200
feet away from the source of signal This is the standard
Wireless Internet symbol
that shows the
strength of the signal WiFi is an 802.11signal
that is sent from an antenna, just like a radio or TV, and the wireless router takes and interpets the signal and vice
The Wifi signal can come from lots of
sources like public hotspots. And if the
computer doesn't have the cababilities to
use the Wifi, then you can use a special card
to enable them to use it WiFi Analog vs. Digital--A new revolution As you can see, this is an Analog signal. Analog signals do not always deliver the perfect image on your T.V. screen when the Super Bowl football Championship is about to start. The reason being is that when "noise" such as electromagnetic energy is picked up, the quality of the signal is degraded. Because the "noise" has gone passed the X and Y axis, which is the max. and min. voltage capacity so the signal stays clear, the quality and clarity of the signal has been deteriorated OTA HD is the latest and greatest technology for television viewing. It is able to send BOTH video and audio signals in one digital transmission. By doing this, you will expierience the NFL football game like you are sitting on the sidelines. The picture quality is breathtaking, and you will never return to your old ways of using SD! OTA HD The 411
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