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Presentation Wikipedia for Peace

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Saskia Ehlers

on 19 July 2018

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Transcript of Presentation Wikipedia for Peace

Connecting Wikipedia and the Peace movement
Wikimania 2016- talk on "Imbalance" - focused on gender imbalance
Meeting Shikeishu- Thomas
Administrator on Wikipedia and former president of SCI Austria -> organizing Wikipedia for Peace workcamps

Wikipedia for Peace 2016- Austria
Wikipedia for Peace Kick-Off
March 17.-21.03. 2017 in Vienna

* participants from: Wikimedia Austria, SCI Germany, CVS Bulgaria, OWA Poland, Wikimedia Armenia, SCI Italy, SCI Catalunya, Wikimedia UK, SCI Switzerland, IAL Sweden, SFERA (Russia), ...

* development of guides for edit-a-thons and organizing workcamps

* pool of ambassadors/ trainers
Wikipedia for Peace 2017 Berlin
* In the Mennoheim - mennonite peace centre Berlin- parish of my family
* persecution and refuge
* visiting projects on the topic of persecution and refuge in Berlin
* photo marathon on Stolpersteine/ memorials
* experiencing Berlin
* working/ visiting headquaters of Wikimedia Germany

* 04.-18.07.2017

Wikipedia for Peace
* international volunteers working on writing new articles or translating articles
* workshops on Wikipedia, Wikimedia, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata
* 47 new articles in 12 different languages
* new picture uploads to wikimedia commons
* sponsored by Wikimedia Austria
Wikipedia for Peace 2015- Vienna, Austria
* 12 international volunteers working on writing new articles or translating articles
* merging adminship on Wikipedia with SCI -> Wikipedia Workcamp
Wikipedia for Peace "Women"
* 116 articles on female activists
* helping to combat gender bias on WP

Wikipedia for Peace Madrid World Pride
* collaboration with Wikimedia Spain
* 49 articles in 10 languages, photos of WorldPride and speakers at human rights congress
* participating in roundtable discussion on visibility of minority groups on the internet

* 23. -27.06.2017

Service Civil International
* founded by Pierre Cérésole, a Swiss engineer in 1920 after WW I
* international peace organization with 42 branches world wide and a lot of international partners
* possibility to organize volunteers and funding from different institutions
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