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Quarterly Reporting - Mtg with POs Jan2016

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Medical Development Team

on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of Quarterly Reporting - Mtg with POs Jan2016

Clinical Quality Quarterly Reporting
The Process
Indicators and their Purpose
Technical Tips
Section 1: Why?
Identifies which channels are operating & require quality monitoring
Tracks expansion & need for support accordingly
Flags risky service provision & need for additional support
Ensure MAT meetings are occurring and following ToR
Insight into quality concerns to enable MDT to support accordingly
There are 3 buttons built into the template. What does each do?
Other MDT Support to Programmes
Incident Management
RMA support visits
Clinical Trainings
QAF dashboards
Section 3: Why?
Displays indicators in section 4 for the relevant channels in that programme. This is based on numbers entered into section 1.
"Locks" the cells for that quarter so changes cannot be made. Submits data to hidden MDT tabs for copying into the MDT database.
Highlights and unlocks the column for the relevant Quarter so data can be entered.
Section 4: Why?
Internal audit completion: helps flag programmes not on track so MDT can support accordingly
Internal audit scores: monitor changes over time and compare to external QTA scores; insight into performance esp. for accredited programmes
Ensure all RED incidents and Product-related incidents have been reported to MDT and GP&L
Starting point for ensuring incidents are risk rated appropriately
Insight into in-country implementation of incident management reporting system so MDT can support accordingly
Having sophisticated clinical quality monitoring systems is one of the reasons why MSI is great!
Section 2: Why?
High % of Non-MSI staff and MoH Staff can impact clinical quality
Supportive supervision in process of rolling-out globally; this indicator helps flag programmes not on track with roll-out so MDT can support accordingly
MDT Meeting with Programme Officers, 14 January 2016
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