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Laos prezi

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michael lima

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Laos prezi

Land Marks
Famous Foods In Laos
Animals found in Laos
The Pha That Luang

-Buddhist temple built in the 16th century by the Emperor Setthathirat.
- Built on top of another temple that was built in the 13th century.
-A really popular place for tourism and to practice Buddhism
-We are a small country
-Southeast Asia
-Surrounded by China, Cambodia, Thailand Vietnam and Burma
-Northern part of Laos is dense forests
-Capital city is Vientiane, and there is a population of 6,586,266

The Plain of Jars is a big landscape with man made steel jara located all across giant fields
-Plain of Jars are 1-3 meters high, spread out all across the land with up to 400 jars over 90 sites
-Each one has metal lids to preserve dead bodies which are stored in these jars. This is really unique concept really identifies Laos as a country

Plain Of Jars
- “Land of a Million Elephants.”

-The Laotion people worship the elephant.

-There is an annual elephant festival that occurs
During the elephant festival the people of Laos ride their elephants around the town and even through the waters
What Are We Known For?
Laos Foods
-Laotian food is cooked really healthy
-Sticky rice, fresh vegetables, fish and meat, fish sauce, chilli, spices are what is mainly cooked with in Laos
-In Laos they use the currency called Kip (LAK)
-For every 100 kip is equal to 0.01 dollars.
-This currency is obviously not worth much compared to other currencies
-10 dollars canadian is equal to 75599.58 Kip
-From November to May the weather is usually dry with no rain and very humid condition

-From June to October is mostly rain and cool temperatures
Laos Climate
26 °C
More clouds than sun.Mild.
32 °C
Mostly cloudy.Warm.
24 °C
Mostly cloudy,Mild.
25 °C
Mostly cloudy. Mild.
31 °C
Mostly cloudy. Warm.
23 °C
Broken clouds. Mild.
27 °C
Broken clouds.Mild.
33 °C
Mostly cloudy. Warm.
25 °C
Broken clouds.Mild.
Specific Animals Found in Lao
-Some animals found in Laos are:
the Asian golden cat, the leopard cat, the lesser panda, various monkey species and the lesser mouse deer.

-You can also find: birds, reptiles and amphibians animals

-One of the most unique animals in Laos is probably the Laotian rock rat.
-They are only found in Laos and you can find them anywhere around trees
Papaya salad made from sliced raw papaya, garlic, chile, peanuts, sugar, fermented fish sauce and lime juice.
Padeck- Marinated fish and salt That kept in fish sauce for up to 3 years!!
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