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Robots In Our Life

No description

deema zayed

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Robots In Our Life

Prepared by:
Dawla Najjar, Deema Emad and
Jamela Rabaya.

Submitted To:
Dr. Emad Dawas . Robots in Our Life Topics Robota * What is the robot………?
* What is the robotic…..?
* Etymology.
* Jobs of the robot.
* Component of the robot.
* Robots on our life.
1. Industrial robots.
2. Robotic surgery.
3.Military Robots.
* Service robot.
* Future of robots.
*Conclusion. Is the robot a remote-controlled machine?
Simple : True or False. What is the Robot? A machine whose behavior can be programmed …
Then, is a VCR a robot? What is a Robot? Is a tethered machine a robot?
Surprisingly, there is no exact definition of a robot What is a Robot? *Very old word .
*was invented in the 20th cent.*from the Czechoslovakian word
*Meaning slave, servant, or forced labor.
*Robots need to flexible. A Najah National University
Engineering Collage
Prepared by:
Jamela mofeed
Deema zayed
Dawla Najjar
Submitted To :
d.Emad Dawas Prepared by:
Dawla Najjar, Deema Emad, Jamela Rabaya.

Submitted To:
Dr. Emad Dawas . Robots in Our Life Simple : True or False. What is the Robot?
Today, people use ‘robot’ for almost any machine designed to be clever Definition: “Robotics” The science of building and programming robots. Robots for 3 Jobs * Dangerous.
* Dull.
* Dirty. Components of robots The structure of a robot is mostly mechanical and usually consists of main components: Actuation:
which are the parts which convert stored energy into movement. Motors:
The vast majority of robots use electric motors , which basically include bushed DC motors. Components of robots Stepper motors:
Actually stepper motors are easer to be controlled , since they rotate in discrete steps.
Piezo Motors:
Tiny elements, vibrating many thousands of times per second, and cause linear or rotary motion. Types of robots Mobile Robots.
Rolling Robots.
Walking Robots.
Virtual Robots. Robots in our life Industrial robots Robotic surgery Robots in our life Military Robots Service robot Industrial robots Faste
more reliable
less error
reduce the number of human injuries. Advantages Disadvantages Expensive
take up a lot of space
and require a staff of engineers to maintain and operate.  Sales of industrial robots Domestic robot is now available at $200.00 Conclusion and expectation
robots will be widely available by 2030.
robot replace jobs currently filled by people .
jobs will be low-paying .
Robots that have ability to think and make decision without human help . Thanks For Listing Question . . ?
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