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At.oow:Touching Spirit Bear

No description

Brandon Zavaleta

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of At.oow:Touching Spirit Bear

At.oow where mentioned in the book Touching Spirit Bear and was described as a Blanket/towel. This is what a At.oow can look like.
I chose the word At.oow and the At.oow does indeed mean that it is a blanket that resembles compassion,trust and companionship to another human or non human being.
An At.oow is a blanket that can show meaning compassion and trust in someone you know. Can be inherited by a person to be passed on even more. It is a tradition in some families.
Many different designs have been found on the At.oow that resemble a different part of life. Like the ones you'll see in the next slide.
Trust in someone.
When you trust someone you
would do something to show them that right? This is what Garvey does to show Cole that he trusts him to keep care of the At.oow and he did.
This shows the meaning he had in him before he actually came back to the island the second time.

At.oow:Touching Spirit Bear
There are not many people that make them. It's very uncommon. Since it's uncommon not very many people know that exists.
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