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The gender of Language

No description

Aoife Nolan

on 26 April 2017

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Transcript of The gender of Language

The gender
of language

Learning Objective: To be able
to annotate a spoken text

A father and son were both in an accident. The father was killed and the son was rushed to hospital, where he needed an emergency operation to save his life. The surgeon examined the boy before the operation and said, "I can't operate on this child, he is my son!"
Consider this riddle...
Do we associate different jobs with each gender?
In pairs, decide which professions we associate with each gender. Make a male and female list.
Male and fe
two words?
What do you notice about the gender of these
Historically, men have been superior in society. The English language reflects this in 'marked' and unmarked' words.

Marked = Words that refer to women.

Unmarked = Words that refer to men first
and then both genders.
Men V Women
Marked words
(There are far more unmarked
words in English!)
Who talks more, men or women?
If you said 'women', you'd be wrong!
Studies in the 1990's showed that
in a mixed gender conversation, men
can talk up to twice as much as
Competitive= Trying to 'win' the conversation

Cooperative= Helping one another, listening etc

Supportive = Making noises like 'uh-huh' 'yeah'

Interrupting= Not waiting to speak
Which features of conversation are
male/ female?
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