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No description

Marifer Leal

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of Photoshop

Provide a general tour of the work area
When we open the screen of Photoshop we can see this, of course i already inserted a picture in there. (Explain the screenshot)

Some of the elements in Photoshop include the title bar, the menu bar, the rulers, the page icons, the panels, and the tools panel.
Application Frame
An application frame is a frame that makes all things of Photoshop to a single movable window. You can grab the whole thing, documents, panels, etc, and drag it to one side of your screen.
Review of the names of the elements on the screen
(Use a screen shot and label the elements).

Switching Tools and Modes.
Having one hand on the keyboard while having the other one on the mouse makes lots of shortcuts, meaning its easier to manage Photoshop.
The options bar is one way to use the application frame as it helps you work more easy.
Shortcuts With the Keyboard
The Title menu has different options like for example the brush, the opacity, the flow, etc.
Christian larson #12
Pepe chapa #1 ;)
Marifer leal #13
Jimena montemayor #17
Carola soto #21
-The panel includes the colors, layers and paths
tools bar
includes all
of the options
used to edit
your image
(text, lasso, etc.)

Undo/Redo: F1
Cut: F2
Copy: F3
Paste: F4
Show/Hide brush panel: F5
Show/Hide Color panel: F6
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